?Who Made You King of Anything? ?

You sit there telling me about me.
Yet, you don’t even truly know me.
You judge me based upon the little pieces that I have allowed you to see of me. You think you know all about me but you know nothing.

You have this distorted fantasy of who I am, where my hang-ups are, and who I need to be
Who made you King of Anything??
Who made your word more powerful than my own? Your desires more worthy?

You speak beautiful words of ego, letting shit go, and release and yet…
You don’t follow your own words
I have to respect you before I listen to you
And we are just not at that level…

In order to earn my deeper respect
The respect that goes beyond general human respect
You must show that you treat others with kindness, compassion, and that you can truly hold depth before I not only respect you but also trust you at that level.
If you aren’t willing to hear me and I mean REALLY HEAR ME
To respect my boundaries and transformation then I won’t be listening to you…

I don’t want your advice
I don’t want your thoughts about me and my life
And I don’t desire in any form or fashion your coaching!

Don’t tell me what my body wants/needs when it’s in opposition to what I desire
Don’t tell me that I am blocking when I am a “F*ck No” but it’s actually your desire
Don’t tell me where I need to change
Don’t tell me what you perceive of me
Don’t tell me about my path and journey.

When you learn about the deep dark secrets of my past
When you have held me through a hurricane of tears
When you help me touch the big toe of God in sexing
When you have seen my childish state of unbounded laughter
When you look at me with that great love and depth

Then and only then will we be at that level
But from the looks of it we will never be there.

As a coach I can tell you that no matter how much you know someone
They will ALWAYS know themselves the most
You as a stranger, client, friend, even parent will NEVER know more about someone
They are the ones with the inner look

Yes, we can often see others blind-spots at times but the truth is that until you know someone at a deeper level, which takes time, effort, and a willingness to truly listen; then you don’t have the necessary data to make these comments.

Over the last year I have found many people, specifically men, both lovers and clients, that think they know me better than I know myself. They have very limited understanding of my past. And yet make bold statements and think they have the right to tell me who I am, what I desire and what I need.

Funnily enough it is usually in alignment with their fantasies and desires
My question is… Who made you King?
Check your Ego!

Yes, women do this too but I just happen to be learning this lesson surrounding men at the moment.

Until you as a man get in alignment with yourself. Look yourself in the mirror. And do some true growth work… including seeing that it is perfectly okay to have desires, fantasies, opinions, and viewpoints about someone but these do not make them true!
Your reality is just that…YOUR reality.

Love & Light,