??I sit here on this beautiful May evening staring at the stars on my balcony. I try to quiet my mind and just be with the moment. Really tune in and tap in.

?I feel suddenly transported to 18 months ago where I had one of the best moments of my life. Sitting under a sea full of stars with my soul sister as we listened to the waves crash onto the beach. I remember feeling spirit swirling within me just like it does in a smaller way right now. I felt my soul. But I also felt like I was in tune with the greater soul of the entire Universe for even a micro-second.

I don’t feel this at the same depth. These stars are divine but there is a sadness and disconnection mixed into the moment. Still these divine little lights make me feel a purity of love. They make me stop and reassess my alignment. They still make me feel, oh so small and yet, oh so big at the same time.

They remind me to slow down. Enjoy. And feel the Bliss in this moment.

???As I focus in on my breath I feel a sensuality growing within. Feeling the warm breeze lightly blowing my hair across my face. Having the moonlight make my pale skin aglow. And the quiet of the evening crooning a lovers song to me. Wanting to wrap me into beautiful energetic embrace with the mixture of seduction. ???

Without makeup. In my comfy shorts and old camisole, sitting on this patio…. is the most beautiful I’ve felt all day. I feel God alluring me to be his lover tonight in experiencing all the beauty he has created, for me and within me, as I touch into my divine soul. I’m being romanced in this moment! ?

??I feel sexy. I feel free. And I feel blissful. ??

I am in complete orgasm with the moment!

When was the last time you let God romance you?