?Where do you go?
?Where do you go when your heart is screaming to be heard?
?When all you want to do is be felt at a deeper level.
?When you are scared and uncertain?

?Where do you go when the emotions rise in your chest like a great wave?
?Where do you go when you can see your dreams and yet they are still so far away?
?Where do you go when your just need to feel loved?

In full disclosure I find myself there today.
With the emotion
The questioning
The fear
And also the deep desire.


Years ago I would have run to a number of unhealthy or simply surface level places.
Food, Internet, Television, or Over-working
None of them ever filled me.
They were surface level bandaids while everything festered below.

Now… I choose to go inside.

?I dive deeper into my o

wn spirit and thus God
?I step deeper into faith
?I go to deeper into the sensation.

I dive into my journal.
Into sharing with a friend

Into meditation.
And also into choosing a new reality.

??Part of the Blissful life is CHOOSING what your life will be.??

When I am screaming to be heard… I claim it as so and call it in. I AM HEARD
When I am desiring to be loved…. I claim is as so and call it in. I AM LOVED

I dive deep and then I choose the reality. And I choose to open myself up to my emotions, spirit, and life instead of putting bandaids over my messages.

Today I am loved, felt, heard, seen, blessed, and abundant.
Because I choose it to be so.

What do you CHOOSE to be your reality today?

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