?I want to make it better
?I want to fix it all
?I want this to never have happened and protect, protect, protect

?These are my thoughts as I watch someone I care deeply about in pain

My gut reaction whenever someone I love is in trouble, pain, or struggling is to wonder…
Why can’t I fix this?
Why can’t I take out my magic wand and make it all go away?
What is wrong with me that I can’t be superwoman here?

Though this has been a lesson I’ve had to learn through the years.
Both for myself and for those I love.
As much as I want to control others reality…
At the end of the day they have their life experiences and although I can support them…
Sometimes ALL I can do is be there and hold space.

And when I am struggling, as much as I would love for someone to come in and magically save the day… oftentimes there is nothing anyone else can do to fix things.
They can only hold space for me as I work through my stuff.

This is an uncomfortable thing…
As good as I am at holding space for others
When it is someone close to me
My masculine “Mr. Fix It” wants to come out
AND mix with my controlling Virgo personality.
(FYI not a good combination)

Sure, it would be great if I could just tell my loved ones what to do, to have it be the perfect solution, and everything wrap up in a nice tiny package BUT that’s hardly ever the case!
Just like it’s rare that they would be able to do that for me.
Even in a BLISFFUL LIFE… sometimes when working through our stuff
Nice tiny brown paper packages tied up in bows are not available.

Often to make the changes in our life that are the powerful changes
The aligned changes
The changes that will lead us to who we have yet become
Things get MESSY!

Even knowing this though, I still want to fix it.
It’s me having to hold space for myself just as much as for the other people in my life.

Because the truth is, advice is great but most of the time people don’t need our advice
They need our love
They need space to talk
To be heard
And sometimes the space to grow.
Or be left alone with their thoughts.

Love your tribe.
Allow yourself to be loved!