???Time to Show-up Like A Bad-A** ???

I open the screen to the training….OMFG!! This is A LOT of content and work. ?

I yell at myself…Breathe!!!! It probably looks like more than it is. I decide to start at the very beginning and so click play on the first training. Half-way through the first training video I feel like I am hyper-ventilating. ?

“She wants me to do what? Isn’t this week 1??? Maybe I should just forget this whole thing”!!!

Nope, I’m not giving up, I’m not backing down. I wasn’t built for quitting things unless it truly isn’t in alignment with me soul. The problem here is that it is so in alignment with my soul that it hurts and scares the bejesus out of me.

But give up….NOT A CHANCE! ?

It’s time to show up like a total Bad-A** ?

The problem being that so many people quit just before the miracle. They don’t want to put in the uncomfortable work. They want the quick fix trick.

?And listen WAY TOO MUCH to their ugly little (or big) Ego’s. ?

They come up with EXCUSE after EXCUSE to not do the work. To not take the step. To not look at themselves.

?You know you were meant for more.
?You know that you have that goal you keep reaching for but never make happen.
?You can feel that FIRE INSIDE of you that ACHES, BURNS, DESIRES
?You know you were born for a BLISSFUL LIFE

Not Ordinary, Boring, or Meaningless!!!

?But yet you continue to back down from being a BADA**
?You quit
?You come up with excuses…. And sometimes they are almost f*cking believable to yourself and others.
?And it’s getting you no where fast!

This morning I easily could have backed down. I know that I am barely touching on the surface of the fear that is going to arise.


I choose to show up like a BADA** in my own BLISFFUL LIFE!!! ??

Where are you needing to STEP IN? OWN IT? BE NEXT LEVEL YOU??? DO THE WORK?

?Make IT HAPPEN! Own Your Bliss! ?