This morning I woke up to a message from an old client asking if I could basically take her back as a client, coach just on the sex, and leave all the inner work behind that didn’t directly relate to sex. ???

I shake my head…. IT ALL RELATES TO SEX. It ALL comes down to Inner Work! ???

No matter what we are trying to improve in our lives it all comes down to doing our inner work. SEX REQUIRES you to work through your SHIT.

No technique, no position, or new toy is going to work if you don’t! ?And I don’t mean that you have to always be taking physical action. When I say work I mean your meditation work, your journaling work, your work in how you show up in your day from a heart and soul level…. The Inner Work is what makes it all CLICK!

?That goes for ANY AREA of your desired Blissed Out Life. ?

My headline is ‘Reawaken Your Sex, Reawaken Your Life’, because you can’t put your sex into a little box and hide it under the bed away from the rest of your life! Tantra is all about weaving everything together.

??Let’s get this straight… HERE… NOW… FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO UNDERSTAND…. I won’t help you to just ‘get off’ or have “AN ORGASM”. ??

I want you to have an Orgasmic Life where you are always Blissed Out!!!!

I want you to orgasm for HOURS in the Bedroom… Well HELL YES, of course that is my desire for you! But I want you to have just as much outside the bedroom.

?And it all comes down to Inner Work. ?

Learning a technique is EASY! Working on your inner shit… That’s what makes the difference between the person living a Blissed Out Life in all areas and the one that is stuck wishing! The one having orgasm that is life changing and the one still searching for the vibrator. The one just tolerating their life and the one LIVING THE F*CK out of their life! ??

Inner Work is where it’s at Baby!! ?