?So, you want High-Vibe people??
Amazing lovers, friends, clients, family?

I mean who doesn’t??
I know I only work to call in the best bad-ass, soul-aligned people into my life…

But are you being the type of person to call that in?


I was speaking with a potential client recently and they were telling me of how they have this dream partner. Someone who is sexy, confident, has great energy, and a freak in the sheets. All good things right? …Right.

Though the person telling me this was opposite to all of that. Low-energy, insecure, climax focused and so thus not great in bed, and just had plain old negative energy surrounding them. 


This person kept saying to me, “But I have everything going for me” and was referring to his job, finances, and material possessions. And did not want to hear that he was going to have to do internal work and that it has nothing to do with the physical elements but instead his energy.

So today I ask you….

Are you struggling to pull in the “right”…
?Soul-mate client?

Then it’s time to look at where YOU aren’t showing up! Where do you need to grow to match that energy? Where do you need to change to meet that level of Bad-Asserery? Where are you not in alignment with your soul and so pulling in people disconnected from theirs? And where are you not dropping into your sex so are continuing to have “meh” experiences?

As much as we all would like to point fingers and make tons of excuses….
….It ALL comes back to YOU!!!

?You don’t show-up, then no one else in your life will either! ?