??My Soul is Ignited ??

This life ignites my soul. I feel the hot fiery burn deep in my core.
It screams to be Released. Explored. Discovered.
Deeper it screams.
More passion, more play, more opening.

This life ignites my soul when I am blessed with the moments of seeing growth and movement in my own life and in the life of others. When I see the expansion and can feel the beautiful radiating spirit that is emerging. When someone has that moment, that look, when you see it all open up and come together in their eyes.

This life ignites my soul when I am in quiet communion with God. When I feel the beautiful peace come over my being and know that this is the path. This is the way and I am guided. I am loved. And I am protected. These moments of certainty. These divine moments of clarity where my soul is entirely in the lead.


This life ignites me soul when I get to see beautiful new locations. When I get to have new experiences. Feel new feelings. Open new curiosities. Connect in a new way with the world.
Like the moment in Punta Cana when I looked at the stars in a whole new way. Like I had never seen the stars before. Like when I stepped into a Museum in London to be transported to another time and place of my soul. Like the moment in Rivieria Maya where the only thing that mattered was the laughter, play, and connection. New feelings. New curiosities. New way of connecting.

This life sets my soul on fire when I get to share my heart and soul with the world
 in writing, online, in workshops, and one on one with people. Where they open their hearts and souls to me. I feel a deep honoring and my soul takes off. I love the passion and drive. Passion and drive sets my soul on fire.


This life sets my soul on fire when I am in the embrace of someone I love. Simple love. Simple affection. Simple sharing. Connection that fills my heart. Makes me feel at home. Loved in this time and space. Nurtured. These moments of feeling like someone else in physical form cares, loves me, and is there for me. This f*cking fills me up in the most divine way. The words
you matter, you make a difference, and you are loved
 in conjunction with the aligned energy blaze my soul open.

But also those deep fiery passionate moments where I can feel myself touching deep into my orgasm. When I see myself in a beautiful dance with my partner. Where I am transported to a state of bliss for hours. Where we guide and reveal deeper pieces of sel. Deeper pieces of each other. There is the push and the pull. The emotions, joy, and bliss almost overtakes. These moments set my soul on fire.

These are only the tip of the Iceburg!
My soul always wants more release.
Deeper opening.
More exploration.

I will always be on a journey to set my soul on fire.
Sometimes I fall. Sometimes I detract. Though it is always there calling. Screaming. And demanding.

Where are you avoiding your own call of your soul.
Where is the fire desiring to burn and you are holding it back?