?Run, Jump, Fly!?

I see it in you. I see your gorgeous light
You have so much power and potential that is trapped within
If only you believed in yourself fully

You might say you believe in yourself but I mean REALLY believe in yourself at your very core. Where you feel the inspiration and then go. Where you know that you will not fall. Where you get a little cocky at the powerful way you can manifest anything that your heart desires. Where you set this whole world on FIRE.

You have magic inside of you and everyone around you sees it. Darling it’s time you saw it yourself.
There is no hiding when you have such a powerful message to be shared with the world. It will eat you up from the inside out if you keep trying to contain that light… it was meant to be shared. It was meant to be screamed from the rooftops. Devoured with fervor. And used to inspire.

?Run, Jump, Fly! ?

You cannot fail if you are following your soul. You will call in what’s needed and it will be better than you ever thought it could be.
You could call in the world but you have to take doubt out of the equation.
Claim it.
Demand it.
Own it!

Stop trying to dim your light for others… we need your blinding glow
Stop trying to fit into a mold… you are un-moldable
Stop second guessing… you are powerful beyond measure

Your beautiful gifts could help save this world.
Yet you sit there questioning, wondering, and not feeling truly worthy. You give into the voices in your head instead of claiming your bliss.

You have a light that was sent to heal this world
Your light is unique and to be cherished… a light that magnetizes other lights
You aren’t just a light… you are a f*cking LIGHTHOUSE

Why do you run from it?
Why do you let it scare you instead of excite you?
Why do you not see that what you offer is beyond a price tag… it’s not just life-changing but it’s soul-changing and that is simply priceless

?Run, Jump, Fly! ?

Stop wasting God’s gifts!
It’s dishonoring to your spirit, God, and the world you came to serve
Bust that shit open!

?Run, Jump, Fly! ?

You are Divinely guided and inspired

?I can’t wait to see you RUN, JUMP, FLY!?