On my morning walk there is a very busy road that I have to cross in order to get to my peaceful path. It’s always CRAZY BUSY!! Well this morning as I got to the cross walk there was not a car in sight. ?

It’s morning
It’s about to be school time 
People have to go to work? Where the Heck is everyone

The voice that came into my mind in this moment stating, “The path is clear”. 
I saw there were no cars but yet I halted. Looking both ways and was just “making sure”.


?I mean because a car could just manifest out of nowhere…
?A big truck could come plowing down the road and I would be splatted across the road…
?I could get grab up by an eagle flying by…
?I could get attacked by a squirrel…

I heard again from both my own brain and whatever spiritual message I was getting… “THE PATH IS CLEAR!!!!!”.

It gave me goosebumps. The funny thing is that I spend about another 3-4mins walking without a car or person in sight. This is truly unheard of for the area that I am walking and I was in true amazement.

I’ve been having some foot issues recently but I felt the urge to RUN! Not walk, not jog, but full out RUN! My path was clear and I wanted to run. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Though, I have to pay very close attention to the fear instinct earlier when I stopped. I saw there was no danger and yet I held myself back.

There will most definitely be some journaling around the deeper messages this is giving me and in what areas I am seeing a clear path and yet staying stuck out of fear.

But the message is clear from spirit that my path is clear and I am the only one holding me back. I can RUN or HOLD MYSELF BACK!

??The truth is you can too. You can see where you have the green light in your life. Where there is beauty, and amazing opportunities beyond your wildest dreams
??You can stay stuck at the cross-walk. You can stay safe and never really make any bold moves in life.

Yes, I have fears. Yes I have areas where I notice I am holding myself back. AND I push through. I keep going. I call myself out on my shit and I listen to those I trust when they call me out on my shit. I do my daily work.

This isn’t about being perfect but continuing to open to the blissful life you were meant to live?

Where TODAY, actually THIS MOMENT, can you STEP UP & STEP IN?

Where’s your cross-walk?

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