?I need it. I can’t move forward without it. I’m stuck! ?

These are the things that I state as I tear through the boxes in my home looking for a little pink book. This particular book holds business focused journaling, plans, and writings that were in the works of being created. But in the chaos of moving I can’t seem to find it.

I look high, I look low, I even look in the kids toy bins but this little pink book can’t be found. I seriously spend about an hour tearing through stuff.

It is funny because I can find every other journal. Every other book. And nothing else appears to be lost but yet this one book that in this moment I believe will save me can’t be found. I’ve become fixated on it and the contents.

Even as I rush around searching I know that this is the work of spirit. I can hear my Angels laughing at me and know for some unbeknownst reason I am not to find this book. Instead I am being forced to recreate what I was seeking in the book.

I literally want to stomp my feet like a 3yr old. I don’t want to recreate these things! In this moment it feels like a huge mountain when in truth I know it is a small amount of focused work. I scream about quitting. Not doing it. Refusing. AND THEN…. I just do the damn thing! ?

I just start writing what needs to be written. Focusing in. And pulling together my thoughts in actually a way that I hadn’t pulled them together before. As soon as I get started it actually begins to flow and comes from a deeper depth of me and I have new realizations about myself in the re-writing process.

I complete the task and go into another room to get something when spirit says, “Open the box”. The same box I looked in three times prior has a little pink business journal sitting in plain sight. Waiting patiently for me. ??

In the moment I roll my eyes and realize that there was a purpose for the lost book. There were ideas that would have not been sprouted if I had taken the easy way of looking at my notes. There are realizations that would not have happened. And there was a frustration that needed to be create to kick my butt into the zone of determination. I didn’t see it but there was a purpose!

In the moments of looking for my journal I was not pleased BUT looking back I am happy that I was forced to push through and do the damn thing!

Overall this is a very small guided moment in my life. But it is a reminder that we are always being guided and sometimes its not all sunshine and roses. We sometimes have to sit in hard lessons and processes to get to our BLISS!

?The more we fight the lessons. The messages. And ourselves the harder we make it and at times the more drastic the lesson thus becomes.

Where can you make the path more about BLISSFUL and filled with joy… where can you have fun with the lessons and guidance. Not every lesson must be learned the hard way… but if you aren’t willing to learn it the easy way then I can promise you that spirit will get you to learn it the hard way. AND it will be a much harder lesson than simply not being able to find a book.

Where are you not surrendering to the lesson. Where are you not allowing yourself to be guided? Where are you determined not to see the path?

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