?I laid in bed with my computer on my lap and thought… “I should just go back to sleep”
?Instead I peeled my lazy butt out of the bed!
?I went to go put my running shoes on and thought… “My foot hurts, I should skip my walk”
?Instead I finished tying my shoes and off I went
?I looked at my computer screen and thought… “I don’t feel like I have anything to say and it would just be easier to skip writing today”
?Instead I am here writing this post.

Yes, today I am in super lazy mode but that’s just a momentary feeling. It’s my ego trying to push in and stop all the AMAZINGNESS in my life. I know this because I love my morning routine. I adore writing and connecting with my tribe each day. And my “work” doesn’t feel much like work! This is how I know that it is a passing feeling and a passing moment brought on by mood, hormones, ego driven thoughts, etc.

Also, because after I did each of the above actions I felt pretty good about myself for pushing through, continuing to show-up, and also because it feels good to do the things that are in alignment with your soul!

If I knew that it wasn’t in alignment with my soul to do the above things then I wouldn’t do them. If I knew in my core that I needed a lazy day then that’s what I would give myself but I knew this was NOT the case!

It’s easy to fall into laziness and fall into the places where we allow little things to fall between the cracks. Then we are 5days, 5 weeks, 5 months, or 5 years down the road and are kicking ourselves for not pushing ourselves to do the uncomfortable things. To not stay in bed. To do the workout. To write that book. To try that new hobby. To look for that dream job.

Then we either beat ourselves up for steps not taken OR we fall into excuses. Neither which ends of leading to forward movement and change.

But often we think that the change in our lives happens from these massive moments of movement. That 30 seconds of fear moment where your whole world changes… And sometimes there are those moments. And they can be utterly life changing.


Most of the positive movement in our lives happens from daily choices. Daily routines. And not allowing ourselves to get stuck in laziness, procrastination, and fear. It’s the little moments that can really add up to change your world!

???The little moments to step into your BLISSFUL LIFE!???