?I F*cked Up! ?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you have to make a quick decision?
Those moments when you wonder, “Should I go left or right here?”

Knowing that a small ‘insignificant’ decision could really alter your course dramatically
You don’t know logically how a small decision could change things but you feel it in your bones.
It’s one of those moments the world just stands still and waits.

The other day I asked myself in a split-second decision if something was aligned.

I chose and I am not sure if I chose right. Time will only tell.
But something in my gut says I would have been better going left here instead of right!
Now looking back, I am kicking myself again and again… because the decision wasn’t worth the upheaval of the outcome.

In the moment, I thought it was the right choice but right now I wonder if I simply buried myself deeper into debris that will need to be cleared. More barriers to walk through. More shit to process.

I feel my body constricting from the decision. Closing down. Not trusting itself in the same way.
I feel anger towards myself rising…

This one little choice has me questioning so much!

BUT maybe that decision was 100% aligned in order to get me to have the realizations that I needed. To push me to see things clearer. To do the inner work that needs to be done.


We plan, we worry, we lose sleep over these huge choices in our lives. We think these choices will dramatically alter our lives forever! And in truth there are those moments.

Though there are also the quick snap judgments that we make, choices we choose, and more often things that come straight from left field without any conscious choice on our parts.

Most of the things that will dramatically shift our lives are things we never see coming.

?Our lives truly are made up of the ‘little moments’….
?The moments when you show up for yourself and the people you love instead of hide
?The moments when you choose to listen instead of react
?The moments when you choose to love over hate
?And the moments when you choose to step into your BLISS!!

These are our life changing moments. Every moment can be LIFE-CHANGING!!
Are YOU living your life that way?

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