?I feel like I just was transported to Oz! ?
One day I am standing in one place and writing beautiful manifestations in my journal. The next the manifestation comes to fruition in an most unpleasant way and my entire world looks different.

Toto we are not in Kanas anymore!
New look, new responsibilities, new patterns, and new excitement. 
I’m so fearful but I am committed.

But who the hell am I here?
How do I fit? Where do I fit?
And what is up with this strange new land??
NOTHING feels the same!

And the Munchkins don’t speak the same language!


If I’m honest part of me wants to click my heels and go home.. ??
Whoops, I forget I am home.
Welcome to my new land.

?This is my circus ?
???And those are my monkeys! ???

I truly feel lost!!
There is so much to do and yet with all the changes my brain can’t seem to focus. The thoughts feel disconnected and I am having a hard time envisioning the future.
And I know this cool, new, scary, chaotic land is going to require a whole new version of myself.

Am I prepared? Can I do it?
Who will I be at the end of this little journey?

So I choose to lean into my inner knowing.
Lean into the fact that although things change that at my core I remain the same
?Authentic, Loving, Faithful, & Blissful?

My journey is guided. It may seem like a strange journey but guided it is!
Your journey is guided as well.
You have a choice just like I do to see the bountiful and blissful in life. To lean in.
Remain in the fear, the questioning, the stress and struggle.
To second-guess everything and step further and further from your lessons.

Join me in stepping into strange lands!
Lands that are outside of our comfort zones but have potential to be amazing beyond belief!

?Oz can Be Pretty Amazing… if you just allow! ?