Balancing Gratitude & Pain

I am sitting in my car in rush hour traffic when I feel it happen. I am listening to music and a song that always touches my heart comes on over the speakers, and I just feel tears start rolling down my cheeks. I am thankful that I’m in traffic and not really moving because the tears come faster and overtake my vision. The tears are a release of sadness, anger, hope, and disappointment; they are also releasing of energy that was never mine to begin with, energy that I picked up throughout the day. I let the tears roll down my face, leaving glistening wet stripes covering my cheeks and a puddle of collected tears on my shirt. I don’t try to brush them away. All of a sudden a feeling of frustration with myself overcomes me because although I am experiencing all these emotions, I am also feeling very grateful for my life. I have had some amazing sessions this week, had some heartfelt moments, great sex, and a list of about a million other little blessings that transpired over the week.

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Stoking The Orgasmic Fires

I receive the text message long before we are even supposed to meet… he is excited to see me and thinking about the upcoming meeting. I’m getting turned on mentally in that moment, and slowly, anticipation starts to build. By the time I arrive at our meeting place I have passed arousal and made it to a sense of nervousness. I know this man, but in the past we have only shared a few hot kisses. We begin the evening with a luxurious glass of wine, sitting on the floor and casually talking about our days.

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Why YOU, YES YOU, Need a Tantra Bodywork Session

*Please note: Tantra does not equal sex and tantric bodywork does not equal sexual touching!*

When I get asked what I do for a living and say that I am a Tantric Practitioner/Sex Coach, I typically get one of two reactions: 1) A look of complete horror as if I’ve just killed a small child, or 2) A look of curiosity, and the person will begin asking me questions in a very hushed voice. Many times after a few questions I will hear something along the lines of, “Oh, I have a great sex life. I don’t need that.” They are usually shocked to hear that there are enough people out there who need bodywork to sustain not only my business but also the businesses of many of my friends and colleagues just in the area where I live. They are then surprised to hear that actually EVERYONE needs Tantric Bodywork.

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How NOT to Online Date!!!- A short list for Men


  1. Start with “Hey” and nothing else. She’s got 50 other messages and so isn’t going to waste time with “Hey”.
  2. Don’t send an unsolicited Dick pic and then ask if they think they can “handle it”. You’re really not going to like the response you get!
  3. If you are interested in just having more of a physical relationship still lead in with some general conversation. Don’t jump straight to the “Would you be willing to have a threesome with me and my girlfriend?”
  4. Don’t message someone if you don’t have a picture and/or anything on your profile
  5. Have your friends take a good picture of your for goodness sake. This means don’t have dirty laundry in the background, don’t have other girls in the picture, brush your hair, and shave and/or have a clean looking beard. Also make sure the pictures are current.
  6. Don’t message someone without reading their profile. It just shows you didn’t take the time to read if you start asking questions that are within the first few lines of a profile.
  7. Don’t get pissed off if someone doesn’t respond right away to your message! We are all adults and people have jobs and other responsibilities. And if you aren’t getting a response then the person probably isn’t interested. Try one more time and then move on.
  8. Use humor but be careful not to insult the person you are messaging. When we can’t see or hear someone it is harder to distinguish sarcasm.


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Softening Into The Universe

I have spent the last two weeks in a pile of books. I have read books on sex, on Tantra, on advanced energy techniques, on the human body, on spirit, etc. Honestly, my brain feels like it’s going to explode!

The thing that struck me as I read all of these different books is that everything all came down to simply softening into the Universe. If you want better sex then you have to soften, otherwise you will be unable to connect and experience. If you choose not to soften then you will cut off portions of your experiences, and then you will truly miss out. If you want to feel your energy and/or help others move energy the key is not to grip your mind or clench onto the energy – otherwise you will lose that fragile connection. Instead you are supposed to soften into it. These same concepts apply to spirit, tantric techniques, and dare I say life.

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