Crossroads of Fear

I stand here today with a pretty important decision to make in my life. The universe has given me clear signs that I am at a crossroads, and straddling the fence is no longer an option. Although we never know for certain where any path will lead us, one of the paths I am currently facing is more known. I’ve journeyed on the path in the past, and in all honestly, this path makes people around me more comfortable and, if I’m honest with myself, more comfortable for me since I don’t have to face the discomfort of others’ judgments. But it is missing the passion I desire, and there will be pieces of me that I would have to compromise, contain, and shove into little boxes with pretty bows.

The other path is unknown because I’m creating it as I go, and that’s scary! There are more roots to trip on and branches to get hung up on. This path will require me to let go of safety nets, sit with others’ judgments of me, and continue to do deep personal work. This path is exciting and feels more freeing and in alignment with my spirit. In theory, I am always in favor of the things that set your soul on fire, but that’s a much easier decision when you are not standing right in the fire with the choice to jump out or sit in the flames and hope they don’t swallow you whole.

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Orgasm, Orgasmic Energy, and Living an Orgasmic Life!

Orgasm. What do you think of when you hear this word?

Most people hear this word and equate it with sex, which is and is not the case. Orgasm can happen during sex, but it is also a life energy and a way of living. Let’s break it down to help clear up all the misconceptions that are out there surrounding the elusive word.

Orgasm or Climax:

In sex, when someone hits the highest peak and has 5–30 seconds of intense peak sensation, it usually is labeled an orgasm. What they are actually speaking about is the climax. Orgasm is all the peaks and valleys of sensation during sex and can, at times, have moments of intense sensation (climax), but is more like a wave and less of a metaphorical cliff that someone falls off sexually. There are numerous different types of sexual orgasms—skin, g-spot, emotional, clitoral, breast, spiritual, etc. The types of orgasms vary, and as we learn more about the human body and sexuality in general, this variation increases. Women will often tell me that they are not “multi-orgasmic,” but the truth is that we are ALL orgasmic and have the ability to have multiple orgasms or, in truth, ride different waves of the same orgasm for seconds to hours.

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