To The Constant Female Warrior

To the constant female warrior:

You are always the strong one. The one that holds it together for everyone else. The one that is dying inside, but puts on a smile for those around you. You are the one that can have tears streaming down your face in the car because your heart has been broken and yet you are able to pull it together to walk into a room like a Goddess. Everyone is always complimenting you, but the truth is they don’t truly see you, they don’t see your heart and your true soul, and so it means nothing. They simply see your allure, but so you walk around feeling unseen and unknown. Read more

What Men Can Learn From Christian Grey

I would never suggest anyone to ever watch or read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. There are a million things wrong with these stories from a sexual education and from a healthy relationship perspective that makes me want to cringe. That being said, there is a reason that this storyline has captivated millions. Out of all the erotic stories that are published each year, this particular story was able to break through the sexual stigma of our society to open up many women to different types of play and their own arousal. Why? What happens in these books that some women have found engrossing? Ask a woman that knows these stories and each will answer differently, but a common theme includes the male character, Christian Grey. Read more

War of Wounding

I begin to become aware of the soft bed and pillow beneath my head. My eyes crack open only the smallest amount as I try to grip the strange dreams that are quickly slipping like sands from my memory. My mind begins to process. Morning. Sunday. Last night was event. Still sleepy…no not sleepy, drained. I say my morning gratitude prayer. Then as I begin to pull out of bed and process the energy that still is looming in my body from an intense previous day my Ego quickly begins to join the party. By the time I have coffee and my journal, I realize that the healing energy from yesterday has pulled up old wounds. I begin my journaling, and I see the words that are flowing out of me that speak of isolation, feeling left out, not wanted, tolerated, and speak directly to my worthiness. “Whoa, whoa”, I think to myself, “I have been super included, I have no reason to feel unwanted after everything yesterday and being simply tolerated is just utter bullshit”. I am at utter war with my mind and my emotions. God versus the Enemy. My adult self versus my childhood wounding. My energy versus absorbed energy from others. The war rages! Read more