😍😍I love you but do YOU, love YOU? 😍😍

I was working on some journal work about what I love about myself. Years ago my journal would have been blank… totally and utterly blank.

Actually, I can remember many, many years ago being in treatment for a severe eating disorder, lying on the ground and hysterical crying over this exact question. I couldn’t find anything lovable within. Having to answer the question simply reminded my adolescent, starved mind of how horrible and underserving I was. Believing there was nothing worth saving. 😥 Read more

💥💥💥Time to Show-up Like A Bad-A** 💥💥💥

I open the screen to the training….OMFG!! This is A LOT of content and work. 😱

I yell at myself…Breathe!!!! It probably looks like more than it is. I decide to start at the very beginning and so click play on the first training. Half-way through the first training video I feel like I am hyper-ventilating. 🤢 Read more