Haven’t you already started?
Aren’t you already stepping onto that road and doing the work?

I mean if you aren’t already planning it AND doing it then you can pretty much say goodbye to 2019 if you don’t get your butt into gear soon.

This time of year there is always some amazing talk…yes talk… about how the next year is going to be different. How you are going to step into the next version of who you are meant to be. How you are going to grasp a hold of that dream life! Make changes. And get committed to self!

And this time next year you are going to sit back in awe of your amazingness!

YES, YES, YES I want that for YOU! That is great that you are ready.

So what have you started doing and what’s the plan?

Have you reached out to that coach and started sessions?
Have you taken the financial leap and said yes to your desires?
Have you begun interacting in a new way to pull in relationships?

Oh, you’re not doing ANYTHING differently.
You don’t have a concrete plan in place that you are already stepping into?

Well, then unfortunately you probably are going to be sitting right here next year… wishing, desiring, hoping…

Or actually potentially not because if we continue to say no to ourselves and the Universe then eventually we simply get so off track that we give up. We stop trying because our beliefs get so low vibe and ingrained that we no longer believe that it’s possible to achieve anything different.

On January 1st of every year… nothing magical happens where you suddenly are doing all the things you are supposed to be doing. No!

If you want growth in your life then it doesn’t matter what day of the year it is… you are stepping in.

And yes, we can manifest some beautiful amazing things into our lives… I truly believe this.

But if you nothing changes then nothing changes!

This time of year I hear from potential clients how much they truly want to have the amazing sex life/relationship, how they don’t want to live another year like this, but they aren’t willing to truly commit.

They don’t commit to self and continue with the same old pattern of putting everything else in front of their own goals. Sometimes because they just have not realized the true importance of selfishness and other times…

Because it’s easier to continue to blame everything and everyone else for what we are not achieving than to look at self and realize that we are not willing to truly put our butts on the line….do the work… and receive our abundance.

No, not all our growth needs to be pre-planned in an exact order… that has it’s own set of issues when looking at pulling in our desires. Though…

Yes you have to make changes to your schedule to free up more time. Yes, you have to go on that dating site or begin talking to people to get into that new relationship. Yes, you have to sit down and start writing for that new book to get written or your website to begin to take shape. And YES… You have to do the mindset work!

Next week…
Next month…
Next year…

Never happens. Why are you stopping yourself from stepping in NOW. What difference will a few weeks make?

I can tell you… a few more weeks of not living the life you desire with what you desire!

Begin making the small changes today and they will turn into big changes.

I know you want to pull in all the beauty and abundance that your soul is screaming to be realized.
I know you want to live a different year than you just lived
I know and so commit to yourself. Your worth it!

Sending you Love & Light,



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Having time for all your desires
Taking names and kicking A**
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