??I love you but do YOU, love YOU? ??

I was working on some journal work about what I love about myself. Years ago my journal would have been blank… totally and utterly blank.

Actually, I can remember many, many years ago being in treatment for a severe eating disorder, lying on the ground and hysterical crying over this exact question. I couldn’t find anything lovable within. Having to answer the question simply reminded my adolescent, starved mind of how horrible and underserving I was. Believing there was nothing worth saving. ?

(Yes, it was all a bit melodramatic but very much my reality at the time.)

?Now I totally fucking love myself! Yes, there are bits I want to still work on but I also love those bits! I love how I dance around my house like a crazy woman. I love how I am committed to life-long growth. I even love my silly laugh.?

I love me!!… AND I love YOU!

But do you, love you?

You might shake your head and say, “Yes of course”. But are you truly loving yourself?
Are you truly stopping to feel the beautiful energy within you? Are you listening to your soul? ???

Are you over-eating, surface-level sexing, over-drinking, internet-obsessed?

Then YOU my darling do NOT love yourself!

We think loving on ourselves has to mean massages, warm baths, and cozy affirmations every morning. Now those things are FAN-F*CKING-TASTIC but they aren’t all there is to self-love. Nope, self-love is pushing your lazy butt out of bed in the morning to do your morning practices when you’d rather stay in bed. It’s noting when you are allowing your Ego to grab a hold of you. It’s pushing through fears. It’s seeing your shadowy parts and staying present and with yourself DESPITE knowing you still have growth to do.

Loving yourself is knowing that no matter what, God made you worthy and deserving of love! That your true essence is love.

?Do you love yourself like that?
?Do you adore yourself like God adores you?
?Like you love your partner, kids, or best friend?

WHY NOT? You are worth all the love you give to everyone else!
Start telling yourself to that you are worthy! Start writing down all the magnificence of YOU!

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