I’m getting my hair done and it feels great. I love the feel of the brush being dragged through my hair and the small tug. I love the sensation having my hair brushed and played with brings throughout my body. I love the focused attention that I am receiving and getting to just let go for a few minutes while I revel in the beauty of the touch and feeling of being pampered.

It’s one thing to pamper self. I’m a huge advocate and always tell clients to engage in self care. BUT there is something magical about another person pampering you. There is just a feeling of surrender and relaxing that happens when you allow someone else to step up and help you enjoy the moment. There is a receptivity that is impossible when pampering self and a level of a gifting.

This is true in and out of the bedroom. Having a lover throw me back in the bedroom and tell me that they desire for me to just relax and receive is a huge turn on! I crave these moments of true surrender and ravishment. It allows me to get out of my head, not have to worry about their needs, and truly get the time I desire to just be taken care of in that moment. I love the gifting and my lover’s desire to show their love, care, and concern though these small actions of pleasure. Through full and present focus on me…seeing me as their muse. As their Goddess to devour in heart and in soul.

The same goes for when I am being pampered outside of the bedroom. Getting my hair done or relax into a beautiful massage. There is an amazing orgasmic nature of being able to stop and just feel. To allow the sensation and pleasure of the moment to overtake me. Whether that is the sensational physical pleasure or just the pleasure of sitting there and feeling pretty and Goddess-like.

Its being able to let all thought go. Step into one’s body and relaxing in.

And in truth there is a special energy and satisfaction when this is coming from another human being. Yes, self-pampering is necessary and vital to our well-being. We do not want to always be waiting around for someone else to provide us with needed downtime. First and foremost we need to learn to love ourselves but on that same note we also need to learn to open up our hearts to receiving from others. Allowing others to pamper us and devour us in daily life.

Many will say that they get pampered by others frequently in daily life but the key isn’t the actually other person… it’s YOU! It’s you believing you are worthy and allowing yourself to truly receive at a heart-level. It’s getting out of your head in the moment and noticing the sensation, the emotion, and the energy being gifted.

Sitting in the chair soaking in the orgasmic sensations as my hair was washed, brushed, blow-dried, and styled.
How can you soak in more?
Feel more?
Allow the gifting more?
Allow the pampering more?

This is how you create the Blissful Life.
Loving and pampering self
Allowing love and pampering from other
Opening up to the pampering from God!

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