What makes us think in the western world that by sitting next to someone but engaged in social media, television, or any other distraction it is a good way of connecting?

I’m shocked at even when people are making “effort” towards connecting or even getting to know someone for the first time that we chose things that are disconnecting. We have gotten to a point where I am not sure many people even know what it’s like to truly connect and be present with another… and on the rare instances that we experience this then we feel disoriented and dont know what to do with the connection. Connection with another human is becoming more and more uncomfortable for the average person.

And our relationships show it!

And truthfully we are teaching this to our children! I feel blessed that I grew up without the constant buzz of technology. Being forced to connect with nature, my imagination, and other people.

Let me tell you where this all stirred from this morning. Yesterday I went on a first date with a guy that had pretty good conversation prior to going into the date. Though what was his choice of activity? A movie… in Russian and subtitled. So not only did we not get to really talk but we couldn’t even relax into the energy because we were so busy trying to understand what the heck was even happening in the movie.

Now dont get me wrong I enjoy a good movie every now and then but I NEVER go on movie dates. I usually put this out to potential dates on the front. I find it such a waste of time… but I forgot to set that boundary this time.

In all honesty, I dont even go to the movies with guys that I’ve been seeing for awhile… there is NO CONNECTION!!!

And it’s not just movies! There are tons of dates and supposed connective activities that we do with the people in our lives that are actually the exact opposite of connective.

Just go to a restaurant and watch couples and you will see that most of the time they have their nose in a phone instead of carrying on a conversation. Every now and then they might look up and say a few words but then back down to their phones.

Then couples and individuals SHOCKINGLY ? find themselves in my office wondering why their relationship is failing. Why they aren’t happy or feeling fulfilled. And why their sex downright sucks!

Well if you aren’t connecting with your partner then your relationship will fail.
If you cant get present enough in your sexing then it will never be good
If you aren’t connecting with yourself and others then life will lose it’s vibe.

One of the fist things I talk about with all of my clients is connection…. connection to self, to other, and to God. People are always amazed at how a little bit of connection and presence begins to fill their lives up in miraculous ways.

A connected and present person is a HUGE turn-on.

My guidance for today is…GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY!!!

Go outside and connect with nature
Go play with your kids in a non-electronic manner
Go sit and just chat with your partner and leave your phones at home.

Sending you all Light, Love, & Blessings,




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