It is often human nature to focus in on where we are personally still lacking and what is still lacking in our lives overall. Oftentimes this includes looking at the people in our lives and noticing the “squeaky wheels”. It is a noticing of all the times that people AREN’T there for us and we feel ALONE, NOT SEEN, IGNORED, and UNLOVED.

I bet you can relate to one of these stories.
“No one ever shows up for me”
“I’m always giving but no one ever wants to give back”
“No one loves me”
Between my own ego stories and from the ego stories I hear from others… I could write a book of ego programs and really could go on and on!
It is easy to acknowledge the lack. It requires more presence and tuning into self to have intense gratitude for those that are showing up, cheering you on, and those people that allow you to feel seen.
In a world where so many tear us down consciously and unconsciously it is a beautiful thing to be able to tune into those that want to see you win. Those that truly are on your side.
As we get older many of us have been taught to guard and shield. We have been consistently been fed this belief that people want you to fail and that we need to always be “protecting ourselves” from others that are trying to destroy us.
I meet so many people that are walking around with what I will call the Hunger Games mentality! Everyone is against me. Everyone is trying to get me to fail. Everyone around me is waiting to see me fall.
Are there people out there that don’t want to see you win… YES!
Are there haters that will consistently find something wrong with you… YES!
Are there people that will be tearing you down behind your back and have bad intent… YES!
But why are you focusing on these people?
The more you continue to focus on the people that don’t love you, don’t see you, don’t want the best for you, and always have something negative to say… the more of these people you will discover.
It is amazing how we are always manifesting what we are truly looking for in our lives! Always sending things out and thus always receiving things back.
Others perceptions of us say more about them and thier vibrations then it says about us but we play into these perceptions by giving weight to them. While the entire time…
We look at the people in our lives and have a laser focus on those that aren’t lifting us up and forget to tune into those that are lifting us up!
In all honesty today I sat with a friend sharing on some personal areas and how I’m feeling a little “off” with some of the energetic transitions I have been experiencing and integrating the last week. As I’ve witnessed this process I’ve noticed my programs about my worth, being seen, and being lovable arise. Watching and witnessing my own inner B.S. as it passes but I found myself sharing with this friend, about a situation the other day where I noticed that I was feeling unseen.
In this sharing though, I was focused on those that are not wishing me the best and those that either don’t care if I “win” or really wish to tear me down.
What I was missing though????
What was right in front of me??
The perfect example of someone that does “see me” at the level I allow and does desire for me to have my desires and goals. Someone who roots for my success.
And I wish the same for her. As she was sharing her excitement about things happening and things that are emerging… I was ecstatic. My heart gave a huge sigh to see her radiating joy and being a BOSS.
But in my moment of focus I lost sight
So often we simply lose sight!
The truth is that I am in gratitude daily for the people in my life and that I do have people that wish me the very best, loving me, and wanting to see me breakthrough into my next layer.
We all CAN have, and most of us DO have these cheerleaders in our lives that want us to succeed and move forward. The people that truly do love us at the level in which they are able to love. And those that do feel us at a deeper level.
We can have an amazing vibe tribe if we so choose to refocus our energies away from the low vibe haters!
We are attracting people into our life with our focus and so we simply need to refocus on all that we are blessed with in the people that are present…. in our Tribe!
Not that we should depend on others lifting us up. In truth, we need to be giving to self and filling self. If you are not stable within self then no level of “cheerleading”, love, and space being held will ever be enough. Thus meaning a super low vibe!
Your vibe tribe are the people that root for you, give you a kick in the butt, and those that push you to be a greater you. They are not there to constantly feed you!
You should be feeding you and just using the people in your life as extra little boosts and as fellow journey mates.
Yet we often will focus on those that pull us down and don’t put as much weight and energy into those positive vibes we get.
Get out of the belief that everyone wants to see you fail unless that is what you want to keep getting more of it!
Also, to recognize that everyone is human and so to stop getting all bent out of shape the second someone in your tribe says something that doesn’t feel supportive or expresses some jealousy. The same goes for if you experience these things. This is simply a beautiful chance to see humanness!
You know at your core who supports you and who doesn’t… don’t run back to your Hunger Games mentality just because of a little contrast people!
And if someone isn’t supporting you in your life. Lovingly show them the door or at the very least stop giving them access to your view of self.
Focus on the support.
Focus on the love.
Focus on the trust.
And focus on the people that inspire you!
Leave the haters to keep drinking the Hate-o-rade and focus in on those cheerleaders.
Even more importantly focus in on the cheerleading you are giving self.
Change your focus and you will change your life!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings!