Yes, stop right now.
Stop and think to yourself…

Am I safe right now? Am I in any actual real danger?
Am I generally healthy at this moment?

And also think about if you are creating problems for yourself that are not real?
Are you worried about the future “what if’s”?

Most of us spend so much time focused in on what COULD happen and jumping down rabbit holes that rival Alice in Wonderland!

“I’m going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best!”
or thinking that by jumping down these imaginary rabbit holes
You are being responsible or saving yourself from discomfort later on down the road.

When in truth you are plain and simply stealing your joy from today and this moment.


By preparing for the worst you are only creating the worst.

This is elementary law of attraction principle!!
Wherever we put our attention is where our energy will go and the exact energy we will call into our lives.

If we are focused on what could go wrong then we will see how everything is going wrong.

But in truth in the Western world, this is how our entire lives as adults are set up.

We have health insurance… for WHEN we get sick
We have nest eggs… for IF the money flow dries up
We have life insurance… for IF something horrible happens
We tell our kids to have back-up plans for WHEN their dreams don’t work out.

From a young age, we are taught that to be responsible is to watch out and prepare for the worst
but what often we don’t learn is about how our energy and focus truly dictate the way in which our lives progress.

It is ingrained that we think about all that could go wrong

Oftentimes losing touch with our current moment and the fact that…
Most of the time we are MORE THAN OKAY!!!

We take a fun and exciting moment
A moment of connection
A moment of being embodied with self
A moment of noticing the blessings

And we instead redirect to all that could go wrong:

He/she could leave us
Our job could fire us
Lightning could strike our home
We could get into a car accident
We could not have enough money to get by
And so on…

All possibilities!

But the possibility is also there that…

Our job could promote us
That person could be truly in love with us and desire to stay long-term
Our health could be vibrant
Money overflowing

We often choose the rabbit holes of negativity…
Where our worlds come crashing down

Today I listened as someone I love went down a crazy deep rabbit hole…
To the point that it would not have been truly loving to allow them to continue.
They got angry with me about calling them out on their current massive catastrophic thinking.
Taking a small paperwork mistake and turning it into literally their entire life falling to shambles.

“You just don’t understand! I have to prepare for the worst here”

I lovingly shared that what I DID understand was that in that exact moment…
Everyone around was healthy
Everyone was safe
That by worrying about all the what if’s that were out of our control would simply be…

Borrowing trouble and causing stress and strain in the current moment that was not actually present.

We are brainwashed to think of the worst
Not to imagine and expect the best

And those that choose to do so are often seen as idealists, irresponsible about their futures, or plain “weird”.

Though when we choose to be in the NOW
When we choose to think about what could go right
Our lives transform for the better.
We see beauty and miracles all around us.

And if something comes into our sphere that isn’t desirable we are able to see it from a less stressful perspective and remain out of useless rabbit holes.

Don’t prepare for the worst!
Prepare for the best!

Live a Fierce & Fulfilling Life!


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