You are focusing in on the depth and that’s amazing but are you forgetting to notice, appreciate, and wonder at the little things?
You desire love
You desire depth
You desire connection
You desire a state of enlightenment within
Yes! That’s fantastic! Keep pushing forwards!

BUT are you degrading your humanness and the desires that you could enjoy right here and now?
Are you allowing the desires for the small pleasures?
Are you allowing yourself to revel in a good meal?
Are you allowing your desire for some hot sex?
Are you allowing yourself to desire a good massage?
Okay, maybe you are comfortable with those things because you can pass them off as feeding you spiritually at some level?
What about the desire for more money?
What about the desire for a new pair of fancy shoes? Hair extensions? Getting your nails done? Or that hot little sports car?
Are you truly allowing yourself to have these desires and open up to the feeling they provide?
Or like so many are you pushing them off as not important and worthy of giving weight in your life?
Money is many times seen as something that is in opposition to the spiritual. The same way as many people look at sex and other physical pleasures.
A desire is a desire! If it is a true desire that brings joy into your heart and a smile upon your face then why are you diminishing it?
If you only are focusing on monetary and physical pleasures then I would push you to look deeper at what you believe the underlying feeling or sensation is that you truly are reaching for from these pleasures. However, there is also a flip side that…
It is okay to desire pleasure!!!
It is okay that you desire these small momentary things in your life. It is okay to crave a hug, a piece of chocolate, an orgasm, or anything else!!!!
If you aren’t appreciating your life at this base level then how are you ever going to truly appreciate your greater experiences to any depth.
This is where we gain our training wheels per se on pleasure and desire. It it where we realize that we want MORE and so then and only then can we begin to lean into greater depth.
I get that you want these magnificent depth-filled desires that will push you forwards on your life path. I applaud you for realizing you want more and have a desire to expand.
Though are you missing out and denying a whole world in this body, this experience, and this moment because you are holding yourself in shame and judgment?
Are you restricting your life in order to appear more spiritual or worthy?
Judging the desires that have been given to you through your very human body?
Desires are beautiful… all of them!
Allow and open to ALL of your blessings.
ALL of your moments and not simply the ones that your ego deems worthy.
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow….
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