Let me tell you about a moment…
A moment that happened a few months back now.
I had been having a very difficult week. My lover and I had planned to get together and relax into each other…

I lay there…
**Consciously releasing each clamped muscle
**Breathing into my genitals
**Tuning into the sensations arising throughout my body
**Begging the energy to release up into my heart
And yet scared to death of this energy to release into my shielded heart or to fully awaken the emotions held deep within my genitals.
I released each new thought that would try to pull me up into my head and thus out of my body.
I screamed inwards to surrender…
I screamed inwards to feel…
And yet it felt fleeting.
The pleasure would flow in and quickly out again
Barely leaving me a taste.
My man was doing an amazing job of staying present with me
He was doing all he knew to relax my body enough to open me to pleasure
He asked if there was anything wrong
And in truth, he was simply dealing with a shut down that had nothing to do with him.
It was my own numbing from emotions and traumas.
It was my head
It was everything but him!
But most of all at this moment it was me not accepting the pleasure fully !!
My Darling Clients, Followers, and Those BadA** females I love!
You have to trust that you are worth it
You have to decide that you desire to experience it.
You have to own it
You have to fully embody it.
Your pleasure!!!
You have to feel into the pleasure and welcome it into your very soul.
You must relax into it…
and in relaxing into it you must fully accept all that comes with it!
Yes, the emotions…
The laughter
The tears
The release
The beautiful energetic waves
The waves that leave you trembling
Open to it…
Not force it
Not demand it
No, talk sweetly to it and allow it to just flood your being.
Be awash all over your system
Let the pleasure take you to a new place where you feel on the edge of a cliff but the dive looks so delightfully filled with depth.
Breath into that depth of pleasure.
Do not run from it.
It is yours to own and claim
It is your birthright to revel in the juiciness!
But it comes with an opening to yourself and all aspects of YOU…
And I know that is scary.
I know your body wants to constrict
And your mind wants to play out every insecurity…
“You’re not worth it
You don’t deserve it
Pleasure is wrong
You are wrong
You are broken”
But you were made for this beautiful!
You were made for this pleasure not just in the bedroom but in every aspect of your life.
When you make your life pleasurable then the bedroom becomes orgasmic…
And when you make your world orgasmic then your bedroom also becomes orgasmic…
Your sex mind-blowingly pleasurable
Your food mind-blowingly pleasurable
Your relationships mind-blowingly pleasurable
Your work mind-blowingly pleasurable
Your LIFE mind-blowingly pleasurable
Pleasure is everywhere and it is something that is a conscious choice to surrender into.
It’s a practice!
It’s a choice!
Sometimes it requires us to do our inner work to clear out our belief systems, habits, and stored emotion
But ultimately that is a choice to do what it takes to awaken or to be like so many and run from it!
You’re a Goddess…Don’t run from it!
Own it.
Feel it.
Allow it!
And I promise you that you will find your true power right there…in the midst of your pleasure!
Our pleasure is a superpower!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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