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My List of Access NOW Courses!

Let's Face It. Sometimes you just don't want to get out of your jammies to attend a workshop or 1:1 coaching sessions.

With Each of these courses you get to navigate and learn at your own speed.... from your Jammies!  

You will get the offerings I provide my 1:1 clients... right here...ONLINE.

There are courses to fit ALL AREAS of your life! To KickStart you Deeper into your heart, your passion, your energy, and your spirit!

Looking forward to seeing you in a Course!

Current Featured Program

Now Only $249
  • Do-Able Activities to Engage the Modern Queen
  • Building Your Current Life Vibe & Energy
  • Topics for the Full Embodied Queen
  • 10+ hrs of Queen Modules Content
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Awakenings of A Prude

Now Only $124
  • Connect with the Manifesting Power of P*ssy
  • Creating a Ravenous Worthy Space and Life
  • 5- Weeks of Prudish Beliefs Breakdown
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Oral Intimacies 

Now Only $129
  • Proven training techniques that allow oral sex to bet he best part of your sexing
  • How Oral sex is not for the receiver but for the giver!
  • Tips and Tricks to Make Him/Her Keep Coming Back
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Solo Tantra 

Now Only $59
  • Gain a true understanding of tantric practices
  • Bringing stability to your mind, emotions, and spirit
  • Experience that deeply sexual and life expansive energy your body/spirit can provide
  • Do it all SOLO!!!
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Zen & Crazy AF

Now Only $27
  • Ways to Raise the Vibe Throughout Your Day
  • Using and Accepting ALL the Crazy Within/Without
  • Zen Technology Helps and Crazy Hinderances
  • Manifesting In Magic Moments
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Cleanse to Self-Love 

Now Only $88
  • Body-Image Breakdowns and Keys
  • Dirty, Disgusting Thinking Smackdown
  • Implementing Self-Love In Your Daily Life
  • "Just Stop It' Teachings
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Monetizing Bada*s Bosses

Now Only $295
  • Playing to Create Time, Energy, & Magic
  • Hacks to be a Boss that Monetizes Everything
  • 3 days of Live training, 3 audio meditations to deepen the growth, 6 livestream activations
  • Journaling your Way to Rich
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Only Sexy Men Need Apply 

Now Only $60.00
  • Hooking up, Making love, & Avoiding Walk of Shame…
  • Hacks to creating a dating profile that stands out from the crowd!
  • Getting real and talking about physical appearances and your “package”
  • Gold diggers, Sugar Babies, and Paid Dating… (No, Shaming)… what you should know!
Re-running In September 2019

Fierce Female Friendships 

Now Only $22.00
  • Cultivate A Fierce Female Tribe In Your Life
  • Recognizing & Disconnecting From Negative Vibe Friends
  • Nurturing Constant Friendship Growth
  • Get A FREE EXTRA Course Bonus with Purchase!

Cultivating The Vibe

Now Only $75.00
  • Find An Up-leveled Vibration that has you feeling GOOD!
  • Look at the pitfalls that are holding you back from creating the life of your dreams
  • Create Your Vibe Tribe, A healthy Inner Vibe, and Build your life life an All-inclusive Vacation
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The REAL Sexual 1,2,3's

Now Only $77.77
  • Sex Tips, Tricks, & Techniques to Expand your Sex
  • 10 Ways to Take Your Sex Further
  • Make Every Sexual Experience A Success
  • Get confident in your Skills
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Meditation Series Options!

  • Heart Embodiment Meditation
  • Heart/Genital Connection Meditation
  • Negative Energy Clear Meditation
  • Cord Cutting for Heart Release Meditation
  • Becoming Your Heart Meditation
  • Abundant Love Meditation
  • Held In Love Meditation
Now Only $8.88
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Me, Me, Me: Being Selfish In A Heart-Centered Way 

Now Only $64.77
  • Learn how to use selfishness to create the life of your dreams!
  • Discover your selfishness MUST HAVE's
  • Being Heart-Centered & Authentic in Your Selfishness
  • Getting Comfortable with the BIG BAD B-Word (Boundaries)
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Food, Sex, Money & Other Naughty Desires 

Now Only $44
  • Connect with a sex life that leaves you enthralled in orgasmic energy
  • Discover how to love your body and feel pleasure in every morsel you eat
  • Receive money in abundance in order to support all your dreams
  • Move through ALL the blocks to create the life of your dreams!
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Passionate Powerful Me Global Online Workshop 

Now Only $77
  • AssKicking in order to get you back to being fully aligned with your goals, your dreams, and your desires!!!
  • Rocket yourself into a fully AUTHENTIC YOU!
  • Release internal baggage that weighs you down
  • Find your passion and your voice
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Naked In Every Way Journaling Mastermind

Now Only $57
  • Learn my Journaling Secrets to Manifest Your Dreams
  • I break down powerful journaling process and give you journal prompts each day to explore
  • 44 days, 6 videos, downloadable extras, & priceless exploration
  • Get stripped down, fully exposed, and in the buff with yourself!
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The INSTANTLY Orgasmic Online Workshop

Now Only $97
  • You will learn the GUARANTEED way to experience Orgasm
  • Begin to Feel SEXY & FREE
  • Learn all the Benefits of ORGASM
  • Discover yourself as the beautiful, divine, GODDESS that you are!
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Eating Disorder Essentials 

Now Only $34
  • Gain tools to live the RECOVERED Life
  • Priceless Journaling, Stories, & Activities
  • Begin to Re-envision Yourself In the Life You Desire
  • Get REAL & RAW Vital Shares from Addison About Recovery
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Courses On Udemy

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