Do you need someone to speak at your event? Need a workshop?

Addison offers private speaking engagements and workshops for a variety of topics!

If you don’t have a specific topic in mind here are some commonly requested topics:

  • Reawaken Your Sex, Reawaken You Life: The Power of Using Sex to Create the Life you Desire!
  • The Orgasmic Woman!
  • Deepening Your Sex through Tantra
  • Negative Body-Image and Other Things That Kill Our Sex… And How to Overcome
  • Living an Orgasmic Life
  • Specific Sexual Technique Chats
    • Power of Oral Sex
    • Taking Play to the Next Level
    • Tantric Massage

*Prices depend on event, topic, and travel required. Inquire at

Are you desiring a deeper experiential workshop??

Get TWO Sex Coaches!!!

Addison also collaborates with Kendal Williams to provide the below workshops at YOUR EVENT!!! You can reach out to either Addison or Kendal. Check out all below offerings at KW2U- Sexpert Classes/Talks

  • Orgasm Camp – Female Sexuality ( Live demo class/lab optional)
  • Orgasm Camp – Male Sexuality ( Live demo class/ lab optional)
  • Taco Delight – Cunnilingus  Class with lab (we use fruit)
  • Oral Intimacies – Blow Job Class with lab (we use cucumbers) Attendee’s get gifts
  • Sacred Intimacy Class for Couple’s – Teaching Communication and Tantra 101

*Prices depend on event, topic, and travel required. Inquire at