Yesterday I finally looked at my lesson and my expansion which all came in the form of this lower back tattoo. I gave a huge smile and a sigh of relief. FINALLY!
It isn’t a big or overly complex piece of work but it holds deep meaning for me. It had been a massive process and one that would lead me on a journey of self empowerment.

The idea for this tattoo came into my head one day, about 2 years ago, while scrolling on social media. From that point on I have not been able to escape peacock feathers. I’ve manifested them into my life in the extreme to the point that I finally gave in and you can find them all around my current home.
At the time I verbalized wanting this tattoo to a friend for my birthday. We discussed doing it but in truth my life, my relationships, and my energy were at a new low. Right after verbalizing this desire things in my life took a bit of a downturn that made me shy away from the piece for the time being. I wanted the tattoo but knew that I was not in a place amidst the chaos to where I felt I was aligned to the true meaning behind the piece.
So I waited… I did my inner work. Healed the health struggles I was going through. Reconnected with self and inner power. And every few weeks I would look at the image. Each and every time a piece of it called to me.
Onwards we would move and I would talk about getting it done but then would always find something else to do with the time or money, or would go to make the appointment but have something come up that took priority.
I was moving towards alignment with all my inner work … but I wasn’t fully aligned. So I continued to wait and continued to expand step by step.
Then this year, around my birthday, I got a wonderful news… my friend shared she had a really great surprise for me!!! I LOVE a good surprise and in truth found it heartwarming that someone in my life wanted to take the time to truly surprise and plan something special.
Then… whoops… it will have to wait until after my Belize trip.
Then… whoops… the original person couldn’t help with the surprise
Then… whoops… the next person flaked out
Then… whoops… appointment with no response
Then she finally sat me down one day and told me that my birthday present from months back, that continued to get postponed, was the peacock tattoo I had been desiring.
The message was clear both from her and from spirit… “get aligned to the meaning of this tattoo”. It was more than a tattoo. It has felt like my “work” over the last few months.
At the time, I was luckily doing a training and had started up a yoga practice that fit perfectly into me aligning at a deeper level with who I was, not just striving to be, but was required to step into. It was becoming clear that this alignment had to happen for my spirit to expand and to release into the next level me.
I finally was feeling it. I decided that I needed to take control over booking this power tattoo!
And so I inquired with a few artists but then one day something came across my computer. I thought it was time. I got things scheduled. Grab my friend and off we went.
Well… lets just say my power tattoo turned into what I would loving call the “18yr old drunk girl on Spring Break tattoo”!
Mid tattoo I passed out and I passed out HARD.
While coming to I had a trippy vision and I knew spirit was saying that I was close but still not entirely aligned.
I was aligned enough to get the tattoo but was not aligned enough for it to have the depth, power, and boldness that my soul was screaming for it to embody. Close but still not quite there!
I was upset. I tried to play it off initially that I was happy with it because I now had this symbol on my body forever but it felt all wrong.
My spirit, my friend, and my heart all kept reminding me that it was about alignment and somewhere I was still missing a piece.
I spent time really thinking about what elements of the tattoo I was still not aligned too. What was I missing and not fully embodying?
Was it the boldness and beauty of the peacock feather I was missing? Where was I not leaning into pride in self and strutting my light? Where was I still stuck potentially in the energy of the infinity symbol?
Then within a week, actually straight after the initial tattoo, I found myself breathing into some tough feedback that was needed. Hearing it and just trying to breathe into hard words. I strutted my stuff in an old workshop and moved some energies. Unveiled my light in two new workshops both big and small. And got pushed out of the nest in some areas of my business that I had been holding back on….
All in one week.
I have spent the last few weeks since feeling the energies swirl and allowing several of them take flight. Aligning me at a deeper level. Dreaming. Breathing into fears that are unearthed. Stepping up and facing myself at a new level in several different areas.
So Saturday night, I laid there as my tattoo disappointment was finally transformed into my bold and beautiful new piece.
A piece that I will continue to grow and transform into over the coming year and decade. Tattoos hold an energy with them that we call into our lives and I have fought for this energy and will continue to align with it’s power.
Though, I tell you this long and drawn out tale for a purpose.
Sometimes our alignment takes time!
We desire it instantly but there are often lessons along the way that we must learn and open into.
There are moments when we can align in a second but when we are dealing with the massive alignments, we usually need to take baby steps into it all finally flows . It’s a continual clearing out of the old unaligned energies and a constant process of our inner work. Finding that inner alignment and pulling it out and taking action. A daily noting of our holdbacks.
We get to a point of finally feeling aligned and then often we realize there is still a few tiny shifts to be made. Though when we continue to check in on this alignment, and take the inner and outer action, we often find such beautiful manifestations on the other side. Though while we can “work” on our alignment by taking external action in things like journaling, workshops, researching next steps, and catching our inner dialogue. The most important aspect is to just surrender into the flow of energy and presence, with gratitude, for the current moments being presented. Allowing the universe to work through us and guide us instead of fighting the flow.
Then there is always the coming back process to get aligned at a new level, find new pieces to uncover, and make the tiny necessary shifts.
I wholeheartedly believe this tattoo walked me through a process of alignment. Spirit used a symbol I truly desired in order to push me to where I needed to be and will continue to expand me into each day.
There are times when we can just decide and get aligned and these are some beautiful moments and shifts. But when alignment takes time… takes a next level us… takes our hearts breaking and opening… takes us being really uncomfortable…. takes our surrender…. It is a divinely beautiful process with lessons that come straight from soul.
Could we bypass these “hard lessons” or the pain…
Yes, most likely we could BUT…
It is the journey that sometimes leaves us with the most impactful memories and gratitude. It is the process of being human… and loving that messy and stubborn humanness within.
The tattoo wasn’t my alignment… it just granted me a gift of seeing my next level and where I was needing to tweak.
Where are you not fully aligning to the next level you?
What is your spirit using to present this to you in the now? And where can you begin moving into your new alignment each and every day?
First you must realize the misalignment
Then you must begin the inner work to align
Then you let go and surrender to the beautiful process!
Love, Light, & Blessings,
Addison Bell
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