You think you can stow the emotions away
Tuck them all nice and neat into your system

Forget that they even exist and instead just think rationally through all your steps to actions.
Or just tune into your soul and get the answer

You think that you can hide this massive piece of self away and still manifest your dreams, goals, and those things called desires.

Well baby, tuning into your soul requires FEELING
Desires come from DESIRING
Positive manifestation doesn’t happen without tasting all the juiciness of life!!

If you want something in your life then you have to be willing to truly tap into the feelings around it.
And that includes noting and clearing all the feelings that are holding you back.

You don’t need to constantly be jumping head first into the junk pile of emotions daily but to note when you feel these things coming up inside of you…

To observe the emotion.
To learn from the emotion.
To sometimes fully dive into the emotions to truly get the lesson but to not allow self to stay and revel in the darkness.

There is beauty in allowing self to release sadness, anger, uncertainty. The key is to see it, feel it, and then move through it!

We run into issues if we choose to only stay in the light…
We run into issues if we choose to only stay in the dark…

You will never be able to feel full and whole as a human if you are avoiding your darkness or unwilling to see your light.

Vulnerability requires us to be open with ourselves in our hurts, hang-ups, and shadowland…
But it also requires us to be just as open with ourselves in our joy, play, and excitement.

And in today’s negative world…

Many times we are avoiding and scared of our light joyful selves more than our darkness.

And yet at the same time we push, and stuff, and pretend and never allow ourselves to “go there”

If you need to be sad… be sad FULLY
If you need to be angry… be angry FULLY
If you need to be joyful… be joyful FULLY

Meaning, allow the extremes. Not in a way that will hurt others or self…

But in a way that releases you from the chains that I see you wearing.

Throw the temper tantrum when you are by yourself.
Allow yourself to play and laugh to the point that you look just like a big kid
Tell a friend you need to vent and then truly let it rip.

We want to be feeling into the good but we can’t feel our best EVER if we are shutting down our emotional spectrum.
Every feeling has a lesson.

What is the lesson of yours today?
How are you going using them to your freedom or your further constriction?

You deserve the…

Life you dream of, but BABE you won’t get there until you tap into the feels!

Stop faking it, & Start Claiming the
Expansive Life you Desire!



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