The parts you don’t show
The pieces of yourself that you tuck far away from the world to truly see.
The parts that you deem to be goofy
The aspects that leave you feeling unclean
The fire that you tamp down to fall in line
The tears that come at night that you hide

All the beautiful pieces that make you unique
That crooked smile you give when you’re happy
Those angry moments where you bite your words down
That heart that you keep armored deep within
All beautiful pieces within yourself.
Yet you push them away and disown SELF
Trying to hide in the pieces you deem good enough and special enough to be seen. When in truth you are only hiding your light and the parts that make you special.
Hiding the pieces that will attract others to you and make you truly shine.
And I know you desire to SHINE!!
Though you will never feel whole and complete. Never be fully satisfied in self or your world until you begin to open and allow those pieces to not just been seen but also to be accepted.
Truly accepted at a core level within SELF.
Because it doesn’t matter if others ego’s and judgments cloud them from seeing your worth.
YOU are the only one that can determine your own worth.
Though when you cut off these pieces of yourself you are only hiding deeper and deeper from true authentic relating and connecting. You are making a decision to live a life that is not aligned with your purpose because our purpose first and foremost is to be whole within self.
Every single one is needed and lovable.
But to unearth the pieces that you have been hiding, denying, and shaming for potentially your whole life…
You have to explore new things
You have to connect within self daily
You have to gain more love and compassion
You have to be a bit of a rebel and live in accordance with self
You have to do the damn inner work of finding those deeper layers of self.
That my dear is where the beauty and magic of life is!
Seeing… Loving… & Accepting all your pieces.
And then strutting them around like a peacock 😉
Take some time today to explore, love, and connect with self!
Want to connect your pieces?
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Expansive Art Project: Owning the Beauty & Complexity of YOU!
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