?So you want amazing fiery sex?
?You want the type of sex that makes your toes curl?
?You want to be peeling your partner off of the bliss ceiling?

Okay, you can totally have it!

I have the secret.
It might surprise you and amaze you. You probably won’t believe me when I tell you! And the truth is you’ve had it within you the entire time!!

Sensational presence!

Yes, your amazing fiery sex is all within your sensations and your presence.

Many of us think that we are focusing in on sensation during our sexing but the truth is we truly are not feeling at any depth. Most people will focus on arriving at the climax (not orgasm which is different) and so will focus solely upon the huge massive sensations and forget the nuances.

Think about your favorite song. There are probably nuances in the music that gives the song some form of depth. If you just took the main beat of the song and left out all the little nuances the song would NOT be as pleasurable. Would most likely not give you goosebumps. It would just fall flat.

The same goes for our sexing. In our sexing we need to pay attention to all the sensations happening in our bodies. We need to focus with presence on the tingles, the shivers, the feeling of skin against skin, and even the moments where our bodies resist. Once we are able to be more present within our own bodies then we are better able to be present with our partner as well.

This focus on sensation will help you reach a new level of pleasure in your own body and also will allow you to FEEL your partners body. Presence in this sensation and with you partner can take crap sex to amazing sex.

I can tell you that NOTHING outweighs presence with your partner in sex. NOTHING!!!! If my partner can tune into my body and I can feel them truly there with me then… it is magic.

Though before you can get truly present with you partner you have to learn to get present with yourself. And that means tuning into all the different nuances of sensation in your genitals but also throughout your body. Your breasts, your arms, your face, etc.

Feel as the sexual energy rises throughout your body and don’t just rush for the finish. Breathe into the sensation and allow it to grow and expand within your being. Allow yourself to feel, see, and notice your partner and the dance between you.

Sex is about feeling not thinking.

Wishing you the best sexing of your life tonight!

Light, Love, & Blessings,


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