You speak amazing words of bullsh*t!

You share on how you are committed to holding space
You share on how you love this person or that person
Your intentions to help and support
Your intentions to get this project done
Or that all someone has to do is ask…
So convincing…

So deceptively loving…
But ultimately a pile of bullsh*t!
You speak the words but there is no follow through and in the times that there is follow through you act as if it is a burden.

You point to the time you’ve spent
You point to the things you’ve done
And say….”see I did this”
But your energy isn’t there. You have half-heartedly done the thing. You’ve treated it like a burden instead of a true connection or gift to another.

Then wanting to be patted on the head for all your deeds.

You send out a resentful and negative energy to the Universe. You pretend to want to help. You pretend to give a damn.

You want to be “The Man”
You want to be “The Friend”
You want to be “The One that Loves Uncondititionally”

But instead you turn into the “One that is Full of Sh*t”

You make big offers… but have no follow through

You often say that you want to help out or that you will take care of a necessary task. Sometimes claiming you will do it over and over again but never making it a reality. Never stepping up and making your words matter.Often building resentment and mistrust in your relationships and also in your own energy.

You look around and get upset when your love is rejected. When your words become meaningless. When the people in your life never seem to be filled and always hungry.

It’s because you aren’t doing the damn thing!!!!
You aren’t taking the actions and doing the things you say you will do for others.

This isn’t about filling others needs…
This isn’t about even the actions..

This is about having integrity in your words without making people beg or feel like a burden.
This is about not committing where you aren’t actually aligned
This is about the follow through in your energy more than anything!!!Becasue if you’re not energetically present and there in a positive space…. your gift, your words, your love….


Even in your own life
You speak all these words of things you desire, things you intend on doing, and where your heart is calling you
And you lie..

Yes you lie to yourself.Just as much as you lie to everyone else.
You don’t follow through
Energetically or in Actionable steps.

And darling… we all have moments where we can work on our follow-through. It is recognizing where we are not living as authentically from our word or honoring the true power our words have in our world. We can stop the pattern with some consciousness and true follow-through.
But if you are looking at your life from the stance of a victim…

Why is he/she always mad at me?
Why does no one believe me?
Why do all my relationships feel edgy?
Why is my woman so in her masculine energy?
Why do the people in my life always feel needy?

You might want to look at where you aren’t doing the damn thing!

Whether that be in ACTIONS or ENERGY
Both are indisputable
It is easy to see a half-a*ssed action
It is blaringly obvious to feel a half-a*sed energy!

Get aligned with yourself.
Get aligned with your intentions.
And start recognizing the power of your words of intention!

~Recover Your Life~

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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