Anxiety is not a catchall for your lack of willingness to step TF up!

Not my usual post but…

Let me start this by sharing that I had a long a torturous journey with anxiety myself. I went through deep panic attacks and would feel the terror in my body frequently growing up. I was diagnosed over and over again with several different anxiety disorders.

Then I worked in mental health… with individuals that truly struggled at deep and scary levels with these disorders.

I tell you this because I have deep compassion for people who struggle with bad anxiety. And those that have conquered their demons in this area are bad*sses!

But recently I’ve watched as several articles and meme’s have popped up in my feed around anxiety. All of these treating the word ANXIETY as a get out of jail free card.

Placing people deeper into their egos by sharing that this is the reason they CAN’T do things. Sharing that this is the reason for all their unhealthy habits.

Pointing to anxiety as the reason they feel unloveable
Pointing to anxiety as the reason they feel underappreciated
Pointing to anxiety as the reason they get apparently treated like sh*t.

No LINDA! Thats not anxiety… that’s all your lack of inner work. Thats you leaning into your ego thoughts and allowing them to drive you.

Anxiety is experienced in the physical body. It is that tightening of your chest, the pounding of your heart, the sweat on your palms. Yes it can cause rapid thoughts but the thoughts themselves are not anxiety… usually these thoughts just show us where we need to do the healing.

Anxiety is not a lack of self-love.
Anxiety is not the reason you are enmeshed with unhealthy boundaries.

Anxiety is not an excuse!

Yes, I said that…
It’s not an excuse to not look internal and start stepping forwards into the life you desire. You may need to take the steps slower and find yourself having to breathe a little bit more. But it’s not an excuse to stay stagnant.

WE control if we buy into the thoughts our minds present us with each and every day. WE decide if we want to put worth in ourselves. WE decide if we are going to push through the difficult things in our lives to get to the beautiful.

When we are stepping into new territories and levels of our lives it is going to feel shaky. We are going to feel a little nervous and anxious. This means we are stretching and expanding.

And when pushing through anxiety… the only thing to do is to feel it and still choose to move through it. Because without moving through it, you will never grow. Moving through it is where you get your esteem, its where you get your confidence in self, it is where you prove to yourself that you are strong and capable. It is where you open yourself up to beautiful blessings!

I only conquered my own anxiety when I started facing it head on and realizing that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life letting it control me. I no longer wanted to allow myself to make excuses for all the things I wanted but thought could never have or accomplish because of anxiety.

For me anxiety was a whole lot of external focus. Worrying about everyone and everything else. Worrying about thier thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. Anxiety didn’t allow me to lean into the flow of life and instead led to me trying to control. Stepping wholly into the negative and thus manifesting more of that negative.

And guess what… sometimes I still notice it coming up and beginning to sneak in. Me being ungrounded in my physical being and not connected with my soul.

Anxiety can feel like a real thing but it is not a catchall reason or the excuse for you not making progress and all the unhealthiness in your life. If you buy into that bullbunk then you will never get to the beautiful life you were meant to be living!

Stop making excuses and start doing your work and living!

Love, light, & blessings,

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