Today instead of looking at ALL that you still need to do, create, and become over the next year and decade…

Take the time to see ALL that you already are in your life.
See ALL your beautiful gifts and energies that you are giving to the world and ALL that still lies within. Take time to revel in ALL that you have accomplished over the last year and decade and standing in the inner knowing that you will continue to grow and expand. And that you get too direct that growth and expansion by tuning into your core.

Feel into that place of already having the feelings and emotions of the abundant life that you are opening up to each day. Doesn’t matter if you are reaching for better sex, a relationship, better career, or more financial abundance.

Instead choose to live your new year as if It is already here!!!

Because it is!

All that you truly need is inside of you and waiting to turn from energy into physical reality. It is within your grasp and so there is no need to “work hard” or grasp at it… its just about feeling it and opening up to the energy.

(and then maybe following soul guided actions)

Don’t spend another year basing your joy on the physical manifestation. Step into the joy, gratitude, and certainty that it’s already here.

You don’t need to plan, and plot, and scheme your way into getting ready. You are ALLready.

Don’t begin the year by beating yourself up and moving away from your positive vibration. Begin by already being HERE. Enjoying right now. And patting yourself on the back for all that you have already have done.

When you begin living like it is ALLready here then you can drop the worry and enjoy your life. You can taste all the yummy feelings in the now instead of having to be chained to some external reality.

You are ALLready enough
You are ALLready on your path
You are ALLready calling in your desires
You can choose to ALLready be living and feeling Abundant, Blessed, and Blissful!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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