If I asked another to describe you…
Asked them about how you show up in this world.
Asked them about how you show love
Asked them about your habits and holdbacks
Asked them about all your beautiful little intricacies

Would you like what they shared?
Would it feel aligned with your core?
Would they be able to truly answer the questions at all?
Would you share the same thing or would it be entirely different from your own perspective on self?The answers to the above says so much!

If we are living authentically in our lives then how others describe us should be pretty close to how we would describe self. Now, of course there always is others egos and distortions but in truth, the self we are showing to the world should match the us within.

There will always be differences in how others see us.
We are comparing an inner game with an external reality!
This means that you probably would note a few more emotional pieces or desires than another since no other person knows us better than we know ourselves.

At the same time an outside perspective can sometimes see beautiful spots within ourselves that we are unable to see from our inner perspective.

BUT my curiosity is if you would like what they said?
Would you embrace and agree or would your perspective be entirely different about self?

Would you feel truly seen and known or would you feel like you are shared with little depth?

When we are truly aligned and authentic then we are giving those closest to us the opportunity to see ALL of us…
Not just the parts we deem fit!

And our egos can keep us from seeing where we get misaligned in our actions from our true souls. From that person we truly are.

We never want to define self by another’s perspective of us but in this world of “don’t care what others think” we have also lost a viewpoint of how we are showing up. We lose a balancing point and our ego’s LOVE IT.

If those in your life wouldn’t be able to answer about what your dreams, goals, desires are… if they couldn’t tell us the ways that you really love… if they would share a totally different person…

Then you need to ask yourself…
Are you too hard on self?
Are you not opening and vulnerable enough in your relationships?
Are you putting on a mask to look a certain way?
And are you allowing yourself to be seen in the shadows as much as in the light (and vis versa)?

I challenge you today to ponder and journal.
Go ask a few people how they would describe you and ask for a true authentic description… not just one that pats your ego.

Wishing you Love, Light, & Blessings in your Discovery!
Addison B


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