Are you safe?

I’m not talking about being physically safe…
Are you a safe person for someone to be themselves with and to share their emotions?
Are you a safe lover, friend, or parent?

Do you judge someone for getting angry, crying, or wanting to share when they feel something is “off”?
Do you become defensive?
Do you make it all about yourself?
Do you have pre-conceived notions about them and their feelings and perspectives?
Do you take others emotions, insecurities, needs, and different perspectives as weak or wrong?

When someone shares something with you…. will it get back to them through family, friends, and other sources?
I don’t think this is a question we ask enough!

Are we truly safe?
And most of us would have to say… NO!
I’m not entirely safe.

I think it’s an important question to ask self when we are building relationships.
We all have spaces and places in our own emotions, responses, and triggers that make us “weak” in the safety area.

Though, when we take time to really notice our areas of weakness in holding fierce space…
Then we can do a better job!

I have the belief that we ALL can do a better job at being a safe space for others in our lives.

I myself have to look at the spaces in my close relationships where I take someone’s emotional share personally.
So when words like… “everyone in my life, no one in my life…” get thrown out I quickly can go from holding space to letting it get to my heart. Making it personal. Making me in these moments not safe.

My personal learning and constant growth.

Awareness is the first step to making the changes needed to make yourself a more steady and stable person in relationships.

So think where you are not truly a safe person…
And then look to where you can make alternations to better support those that you care about in your life!

Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,

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