At the edge of fear is where the excitement it at!
It has already been an amazing day of seeing fish and coral reef, tons of laughter, and play.
I looked down into the water and saw about 6 sharks swimming under our boat. Was I really going to do this?
They were not tiny little sharks like you see at some zoo’s and local aquariums. I felt a sense of nerves creep into my system as I thought about jumping with my snorkel gear into waters filled with sharks and sting rays.
Yet, I also felt excitement as I watched as my fellow excursion-mates took the plunge. I shared my initial fear and my friend told reminded me not to have one of those moments where I would deeply regret not literally jumping.
So I jumped…
I jumped into some of the bluest waters and magnificent scenes I have ever experienced. The varieties of fish were amazing and swam right above a family of sharks. The nerves turned into a state of pure wonder as I looked around and got comfortable.
The sharks that were about twice my size soared quickly passing me without a glance. It started to rain as I surfaced again and again while being met with new amazement.
If I had chosen to stay on the boat…
Watch others have fun and jump in the water
Given into my fear
Given into my negative imagination
I would have missed a world of adventures just in that short time and do something many just dream of doing. I would have missed an opportunity to expand myself and simply laugh and have that sense of childlike wonder.
And in truth, we do this throughout our lives!
We listen more to our logic
We listen to our egos’
But unlike sharks where there is a potential for death
Most of the things that we are worried about are only within our own heads and hearts.
We often fear rejection and fear our emotions most of all!
We don’t take the leap of faith because we perceive the excitement… the edginess… the heart pounding… and soul calling… as FEAR
Instead of enthusiasm, excitement, or anticipation
We get overly concerned with not being able to “handle” our emotions if we get told “no” or get our hearts broken…
And so we simply avoid our lives
We avoid the true growth and expansion
We instead choose an unlived life life
A safe but confined existence where we actually risk the most.
The greatest risk…
We risk never truly living these beautiful lives we were given
Never really loving
Never really feeling
And never really experiencing!
Instead choose to swim with the sharks
Jump into the excitement and the moment
And live that Expansive Life You Were Meant to Live!!!
Light, Love, & Blessings,
Step-into who you were meant to be TODAY.
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