Your lack of confidence…
Your uncertainty of your worthiness…
Your fear thoughts…

Are never reasons to not create your dreams! Are never a reason to stop pushing forward. 

No they are simply excuses and ways for your ego to hold you back from living your best life. 

Do you really think that those that have the life you dream of….
The money
The business
The relationship
The sex

Don’t ever have bad days?
Don’t ever have negative thoughts?
Don’t ever feel scared?

Of course they do. The difference is that those that are most successful witness these thoughts and then go forwards anyways. They realize that they are more powerful… their purpose, passion, and dreams… are more powerful than these ego thoughts.

They see the thought
They recognize it as being present and then they do the damn work to move through it. 
But they don’t jump into their own ego hole.

I can hear all the time from clients about how they “can’t” do something because they are scared or because they don’t have enough self-confidence.

Well these things are only build by stepping into those scary areas and proving your ego wrong. Anything that is worth doing will bring up some level of nervousness, fear, and our ego’s will go crazy. But it is all in the way we interpret these feelings and if we allow them to push us forward to hold us back. 

Believe me I am not innocent of falling pray to these ego thoughts or hesitations either… so I am throwing myself under the bus here as well. 

We won’t believe in ourselves… until we choose to believe in self
We won’t move through fear… until we choose to move through the fear
We won’t have the dream life we desire… until we choose to claim that life. 

And the funny thing is that this never goes away. 

Even my mentors that are constantly rocking it OUT! Have these fears, have these uncertainties, and will move into ego… the difference is that the further along you get on this journey the easier it is to move through and to witness. 

The easier it is to not give your ego the power to control your life! 

When you just kick your own ass and do the damn thing!

You were meant for so much more than the way you are currently living ?

Sending you all

Love, Light, & Blessings,

Until then though, I will happily kick your ass for you 🙂
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