Are you ready? Are you prepped for your manifestations? Is everything ready to go for that dream life?

On my ‘to do’ list for the last few weeks has been to renew my passport. I’ve known for awhile that it was coming up for renewal in 2019. 

The nice lady at the passport office was asking me all about where I was going and when I was needing the passport for….

In truth I have no current tickets out of the country purchased… so in “reality” (for as much as that’s worth) I didn’t need to be renewing my passport today.

Though I have PLANS. I have desires to travel a ton this next year and I trust that God is going to drop some beautiful opportunities in my life for me to require my passport!

Romantic getaways with a lover…
Girls Trips to the beach…
Spiritual growth trips to see some of the places in my visions…
Trips for business….

Skies the limit!

By getting my passport TODAY… not when it is just about to expire in April…

I’m telling Universe… HEY, I’M READY!!!
Nothings holding me back…
I’m serious about my desires…
And so
Now I have nothing standing in my way when the perfect trip comes across my email, gets thrown out by a lover, or a friend….

I can say “HELL YES!!! Let’s GO!”

I know I’m ready but my question today is….

Are you ready?

You sit there with so many things that you wish and desire for in your life but are you truly ready for it?

Have you made space in your life for the things that you are trying to pull in?
Have you done all the setup to welcome it in with open arms?
Or are you waiting until it comes?

If you are not making space and doing the setup for the things that you are desiring…then you are limiting your manifestation power. It is going to be much more difficult for you to manifest these things when you have all the reasons why they can’t/won’t fit unconsciously in your mind!

Let me give you two examples:
1) You are desiring that next beautiful relationship. However, you don’t have any room in your closest for their clothes, you sleep smack dab in the middle of the bed, and you’ve set your schedule where you really wouldn’t even have time for them when they show up.

Basically…you don’t have any room for the relationship! You are firmly cozy and filled up in SOLO LAND!

2) You desire that next level business.
Yes, you are spending time on your business each week but you have a crazy busy schedule with husband, kids, your other job, etc. You end up giving your time away to everything and everyone else. Or you are so exhausted you fly to the other end and any time you get a breather you are off doing anything and everything unrelated.

Basically… your life couldn’t sustain a huge massive in flux of “next level”. You’re lack of harmony. Your internal game. And the actual day to day running of your business couldn’t handle the jump!

So I ask again? Are you ready?

We all have areas, self included, where we think we are ready but yet if we truly examine our lives… we are holding our manifestations back. We are begging for it with one hand while holding it at a distance with the other!

We do this is our relationships
We do this in our sexing
We do this in our careers
We do this in love
We do this in our desire for financial abundance
We do this in all areas of life!!!

There are places and space where we are totally ready!
We are so ready that as I type this our desires are arriving!

Then there are those areas where we might just need a little clean-up… so potentially moving your sleepy butt to one side or the other of the bed to make space for your new relationship!

Then there are those areas that we can wish and dream… but our lives and our minds need to get to a space where we can truly open our arms fully in welcome! Where we ARE READY!

This is NOT NOT NOT saying that your life has to be perfect before you call amazing blessings into it! This is saying that if those amazing blessings dropped down on you right this very minute….

Could you really handle it? Could you really make it fit into your life? Would you be willing to make all the changes that you would have to make for it?

Take one dream, goal, desire today… the one that is calling deepest to your heart! And look at some of those questions?
And if the answer is NO, then what tweaks could you begin to make in your physical or mental space?

Wishing you a beautiful unblocking!

Light, Love, & Blessings!


One of the biggest things that blocks our dreams, our goals, and our desires is often our lack of willingness to be SELFISH!

Yes, selfishness is a requirement for our most aligned lives.
We have to begin to put ourselves first and others second.
But there is also a way to do it in a heart-centered way!!!!

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