✊Average and Ordinary Sex with NEVER be good enough for me…
And it bothers me that you think it’s good enough for you!
I would rather have no sex than have the kind of sex our society has come to find acceptable.
🔥 I will not be okay with the climax being the ultimate goal.
🔥 I will not accept fast friction based sex as the gold standard
🔥 I will not enable my man to settle for only genitally focused orgasms
🔥 I will not allow myself to become a slave, addicted to a vibrating machine and think that’s the best it’s going to get.
🔥 I will not enable myself to settle for a less than a full orgasmic bank account

There are levels in sex that once experienced you are changed forever and you can never fully turn back!
And even with all the depths I’ve explored… I know there is still more!
🙏 Amazing sex keeps you searching within yourself… for more authenticity, more connection, new depths of pleasure, and more busting open to spirit.
Yet, I meet men and women every day that have limited themselves and boxed in their bedroom game, and what that really tells me is that they have boxed in their lives. They have settled for average and ordinary and have stopped searching for more in their lives. Stop dreaming and hungering for new pleasures.
They have bought the bullshit that has been fed to us that we are “limited”.
That our orgasm is limited. Our pleasure is limited.
🐑 It is actually genius what has been thrust upon us…
If society wants sheeple… people who aren’t powerful… people whose mental capacity isn’t at it’s peak… people who aren’t driven and do what they are told….
Teach them that their sex is limited.
🔥 Negate their very power and life force.
🔥 BAM you get people that live within constraints.
It’s a common practice to do to animals to take away their sexual power (bulls, dogs, ect.)
Our western world has just done it in the form of cutting out the energy, sexual transmutation, & orgasmic potentials within sex.
Instead replacing it with porn, vibrators, short lived sexual experiences, and a strong belief that sex is just a genital pleasure game.
😘 Deeply penetrating sex will energize and clear your energy, revitalizing your physical body, and can be pleasurable from a genitals but also expanding outwards to encompass out entire bodies.
It feeds you for days!!!
And while not every experience has to be hours of constant orgasming.
Not that toys and other play can’t be involved.
Not that a fun quickie’s can’t be enjoyable.
Or that sex always has to drop into a super serious spiritual experience…
We ebb and flow in life. Sometimes “normal” sex is all we can give in that moment. Our heart are blocked. We are tired.
There are a million reasons why we aren’t at our peak. Though within we should still have a knowing and desire that we have within us more.
If we settle for average and ordinary then we are short changing ourselves.
Personally, as a woman I find constant surface level sex irritable and not worth the effort.
Yes, I said that. Constant surface level sex just makes me not want sex.
Once you’ve experienced being truly orgasmically fed…
You don’t settle for half of your fully vibrant self.
The ‘get-off’ quickly loses its appeals.
It bothers me at a core level when I hear people fully okay with never experiencing more in there orgasms or saying, “that’s as good as it’s going to get”.
Not every experience is going to be mind-blowing.
But your mindset should be set to a greater possibility in your sex as a whole.
When we harness the power of our sex we harness so much beauty and power into our lives.
I want more for you even if you don’t want more for yourself!
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