I’m a spoiled brat when it comes to my dreams!

I have a dream right now…
It’s a big dream.
It would stretch me way out of my comfort zone.
It would stretch me out of my financial zone
It also has the potential to stretch me into new zones of brilliance, expansion, and feel good.

There are financial risks and relationship risks
There are risks of trusting in others and more importantly trusting in myself.


As I sat about 2 weeks ago and dreamed of my own expansion.
Allowed myself to really see it
Allowed myself to taste the juicy feelings
Allowed myself to wander in the possibilities

I got my heart set on it!!!

Just like a teenager does on that pair of jeans they “need” or that party they will “die” if they can’t attend.

I’ve heard from others why it “won’t work”
I’ve heard from others how it isn’t a “smart choice”
I’ve heard my own ego and fears

But I want it!!!!

And I’ve also heard that little voice from my soul telling me to trust and have faith in the divine.
Telling me that everything is always working out for me

If I want something.
If I feel it at a core soul level
If I can almost taste it and know it is meant for me.
Knowing in my heart that THIS is the next level ME.

Then I do not take “no” for an answer.

And I become an absolute brat in my energy of persuing that thing…

Hearing but not listening to naysayers
Writing and speaking it into reality
Spending massive amounts of time visualizing what JUST IS going to happen.

And yes… sometimes even crying, screaming, and allowing any negativity to wash away from me regarding the dream.

A spiritual bratty temper tantrum!!!

If I don’t feel something at a soul level…
THEN I’m rationale
THEN I’m willing to hear others views
THEN I’m really quite flexible and peaceful

But I also know for myself and also for you…

That although rationale thought has it’s occasional place in our lives.

Sometimes we have to get bratty in our energy for what we desire. This just means that we are getting passionate.
And passion is required for anything worth having

We don’t grow without risks
We have to stretch into uncomfortable and uncertain territory.
If we are wanting to expand in any area then risk is going to be a part of that process.
It might be financial
It might be emotional
It might be even physical
It might risk who you are right this moment… because for the new you to be born, you must let the old self die.

But risk will be require

We must either risk our lives of staying small and never stepping up and out. The risk of never expanding
Or we risk failing at our venture but yet still growing.

The problem comes in when we doubt self and add negativity in our vibration
When we think, “maybe this won’t work”, “maybe that person is right”, etc.
Then we move into a vibration of failure.
We begin to cinch in that we won’t make it happen

And there are times in our lives where we all have moments where the risks aren’t calculated that we must take.
They are totally “crazy”
But there is a certainty…

A certainty that if God truly put it in your heart…
If it is a soul goal
Then it was meant for you and you can’t fail.

When we instead focus on how good the dream feels and how in love you are with the dream…
When you feel passionate about it…
Then you are magnetizing your dreams to you!!!

Not accepting anything less than what you want and a life that feels amazing. A life where you and I are growing.


So I’m a spoiled brat and I think you should be too 🙂

Stop faking it and start claiming that life you desire!


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