Be a victim!
Go ahead.
It’s good for you, REALLY!!!….

Okay, now you can stop ?

So why would I, someone who teaches on NOT being a victim, not allowing yourself to stay in your Ego, want you to actually become a victim?

Well it’s not that I want you to be a victim necessarily but it is that I want you to look at your victim stories. I want you to allow yourself to take the time to FEEL your victim feelings.

THEN….move the f*ck through it and begin to take a different perspective. One coming from your higher self.

It is often that those of us in the spiritual or self-growth community will avoid our victim stories with a 10 foot pole and never truly feel the feelings. We try to convince ourselves to move into unconditional love, light, and peace too fast!

I’m currently reading a book by Colin Tipping called “Radical Forgiveness” which discusses a different perspective on forgiveness from a soul level. Though the author makes the point that the first step has to be feeling the emotions and allowing yourself to get your victim story out unaltered before you can move into any other step.

I am in complete agreement that one must feel their feelings and get to look at their victim or shadow self. If we don’t ever give ourselves the freedom to look at this aspect of ourselves then we will never learn where our wounding is AND never be able to fully release. We will instead be stuck with unhealed blockages that will eventually kill us mind, body, and spirit.

The trick is that one must have their moment of sharing, feeling, and then they have to begin to move out of pure ego. Then we must begin to step into logic, lessons, and soul purpose.

Though the key is first noticing the charge!

For example: You get a charge off of your partner because you feel they are ignoring you. You get angry and begin to setup your victim story. Well in truth by allowing yourself to feel the anger and then sadness you will be able to see that this wound was actually a wound created at 3yrs old when your mother always pushed you away when you really needed attention. So you can start to step through processes to release that wounding. Release the stories you tell yourself. And not look at yourself as a victim any longer.

But you have to allow yourself to feel it.

Spiritual or not, this does not mean that we can avoid our emotions. This is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. The most truly spiritual people I know acknowledge their emotions, feel it, truly heal it, and don’t allow it to then control them.

But trying to move from emotion straight to being “high vibe” simply won’t work!

Take the chance to hear your own victim story!
We ALL have them!
And then step-up and step-in!

Wishing you all LOVE, LIGHT, & BLESSINGS!
Addison B.

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