Make it happen.

Set the intent and then act as if it is!
You have to claim it from the Universe.

It might seem crazy!
It might seem irrational!
It might seem like you are ignoring and have your head in the clouds.

But it is having faith and trust in the Universe.
Knowing that you have the ability to take your dream life by the balls and pull it in.
It is trusting in yourself
It is trusting in God.

It is letting the excitement overtake you!
It is allowing the winds of change to sweep in and direct your sails to all you’ve ever wanted.

It’s the feeling.

You have to get wrapped up in the feeling and the excitement of things.

When you get wrapped up in the feeling of…
Opening up your heart!

There are many times when spirit will tell you “GO!”

It pushes you to jump!
These moments of irrational, crazy, jumping off a cliff are when your ego will say, “DON’T, STOP, NOT SMART”.

Here is where you have a choice

Close your abundance down.
Go with the rational
Step into trust and belief
Step into faith of yourself and God.

These are moments of expansion.
Expansion into a deeper level of connecting with self and following your soul guidance.

Allow yourself to feel!
Feel into all the Yummy feelings.
Re-envision that anxiety… into excitement
Re-envision that fear… into expansion
Re-envision that uncertainty… into trust.

See it happening.
Picture it in your mind.
And then go throughout your day acting “as if”!

Live in those yummy feelings.
Live in that vision and certainty.

Go Live A Fearless Badass Life!



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