Lawn seats and I am singing my little heart out! I am thrilled to hear my favorite song but you can see me dancing along to almost every tune they decide to play.
Though I glance around.
And my breath catches for a moment as I look around at the crowd. I am truly amazed at how many people look like they are being tortured or just plain bored.
I look at a married couple right in front of me that doesn’t snuggle or kiss during the love songs… not even once.

I see a bunch of people checking out social media and their noses in their phones instead of watching the concert
And then I shrug and go back to my singing, dancing, and laughing
but it does hit me…
The unhappiness… the lack of play… the lack of desire…
In so many people!!!
The truth is I could tell a similar story about many people on my recent trip.
Paying money. Claiming to want to be there. Claiming how badly they “needed a vacation”. And yet looking miserable!!!
Not enjoying the gourmet food
Not enjoying their travel partners
Spending their time on socials
Spending their days lost in a drunk stupor
Not able to let go of the stress
Not able to reconnect to themselves
Not able to even spell the words PLAY & DESIRE
I get it!
I have had to “practice” playing at times in my life.
I am constantly having to circle back around to play and stepping into a relearning process at a new level.
My play is my growth and expansion!!
But this goes beyond simple play. This is about being totally and utterly disconnected from self.
The truth is I BELIEVE the people that said they were excited about the concert and yet sat like boring statues
I BELIEVE those that said they were enthusiastic to finally get a break from their norms and relax on vacation
Though the disconnection is so deep that without a focused intent and practice on stepping into play. Stepping into presence with self. Leaning into a deeper desire.
I believe they find themselves lost on how to even enjoy what they are claiming to enjoy.
Now you could say that maybe it wasn’t aligned play…
But I am not buying that across the board…
I think sometimes something is 100% aligned and deep down someone can really and truly desire it. Truly want to expand into play. But the land is so foreign and the practice not consistent enough that it…
Simply falls flat.
?You end up thinking about having fun instead of actually having fun.
?You end up thinking about how you want to be playful instead of being playful
?You end up considering how much you love your spouse next to you instead of being in that love
?You end up thinking about how nice vacation is instead of actually having a nice vacation!
Allowing PLAY
Allowing DESIRE
Just like any practice, especially if it is out of your norm, it requires consistency. It requires a re-remembering of the reasons you are living this life and what you want for your life each and every day.
And yes sometimes it requires 30 seconds of insane courage or pushing your ego aside.
But the alternative is to never taste the true juiciness of the things you claim to enjoy. Living the unfulfilled life!
Me, I’d rather be the strange women… dancing in the grass…singing off key… and yet loving my life!
Go love your life! You are worthy of every moment!
Addison Bell
Want guidance in building up your play muscle?
Want some ass-kicking to get you into deep desire?
Wanting to find more authenticity?
Until you begin to commit to your personal growth and desires they won’t commit to you.