That feeling of expansion and newness!
That inner sense during specific moments or time periods where you can feel your world shifting.
The knowing that things will forever be different.
Never again will you come back to the place
Forever changed.

These moments can be exciting and times when we are jumping for joy for the changes before us.
The thrill of new adventures pouring from our energy field
These moments can also be difficult and nostalgic
Filled with fear and sadness
And moments where you wonder if you will ever have THAT again.
Experience THAT
Yet whether it is in Joy or Fear
Your spirit is pushing you forwards.
And you get to choose in these beautiful moments if you push into joy and excitement. Getting wrapped up in the wonder of what is headed your way.
Choosing to have your spirit pull you kicking and screaming into your new reality.
In truth….
It is always a choice.
How you choose to perceive the beautiful blessings of life.
Yes, sometimes in disguise but ALWAYS blessings.
As I sit here today I am filled with excitement.
Although as I look around me there are little moments of nostalgia as I leave an office that was a safe space for many of my clients… where expansion was experienced through tears, laughter, “ah ha” moments and just connection.
There is also a memory that continued to pop into my head as I pack up my home. Thinking when I moved in and what a different space I was in. Thinking about how that particular move was one done while my angels dragged me kicking and screaming!
What a difference perspective and perception makes!
But today I am so excited for new adventures!
Knowing and feeling my world shifting in the most beautiful and expansive way!
Where can you simply choose a different perspective and pay more attention to leaning into those moments…
Those moments whether little or big where your world shifts.
Those beautiful moments that make us who we are!
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