You are constricting it
You are compacting it
You are avoiding it
You don’t want to look and instead, you keep changing your focus.

Focus on the positive.
Focus on all the feel goods…
Because there are some truly amazing things in your life. You DO feel so much gratitude and have moments where your heart beats with excitement and passion.
Moments of seeing this great beautiful world.
The problem is that you are looking at that beautiful and blissful world while standing on a big pile of trash!
Yes, you are standing on top of all the trash that doesn’t feel good to look at, see, and deal with!
So you’ve covered up this pile of trash your standing on with a gigantic doily… sprayed some pretty smelling perfume… and tried to focus in on the positives.
I mean… conceal it, don’t feel it!
(Yes, I totally just stole a line from Frozen!)
And in all honesty, there isn’t anything wrong with tuning into the higher vibrations.
There is great beauty in finding gratitude from wherever you find yourself in your life
It is so incredibly pleasurable and freeing to be able to focus in on the feel goods.
The problem being…
No matter how pretty you attempt to make the trash look
No matter how pretty you attempt to make the trash smell
No matter how you turned your head away from your trash
It’s still there.
And it STINKS!!!
That smell and vibration WILL permeate all the good.
You are trying to build a solid foundation of beauty smack dab on top of a mountain of trash!
Your foundation won’t sustain the beauty until you choose to take out some of the trash.
I’m not one that is usually an advocate for trash can journaling and for focusing in on tons of pain and hurts consistently. This often will lead to more pain and hurts. It will pull your vibration down.
That being said and there are times in our lives when we MUST clear things out and allow ourselves to dive straight into the pile of trash.
Not in order to make a cozy home there but instead to start getting rid of things and provide a space of clearing. If we are holding back from truly feeling different emotions then we are actually just creating our own blockages within.
We are meant to feel all of our life
And in order for us to move forward, we must acknowledge where we no longer want to go and have a true release of the emotions that we are storing.
A true releasing process.
See it.
Smell it.
Feel it.
Let it GO!!!
Then go back to focusing in on the positive
Then go back into your gratitude
Then go back to dreaming about all the yumminess
But nothing is going to taste yummy in a field of trash!
The avoidance of the feelings…
The continued concealment…
It will only continue to constrict you and your life.
A simple cleaning process will allow you to move forward on fresh ground.
Now if you are finding yourself constantly clearing out trash…
Well then dear you are probably focused too much on that trash which is making it multiply. You aren’t actually allowing it to clear. You are simply finding a warm and cozy sticky smelly place to hibernate.
And that is an entirely different issue!
That’s called victim mode and enjoying your own suffering.
But if you are focusing on the good but keep getting wafts of trash….
If you are finding yourself stuck consistently in similar places in your life
If you begin to see a major pattern
And if you notice a triggering of old wounds coming up…
Then clear it.
Don’t conceal.
Just feel!
And then step forward. Give yourself love and dive back into the yumminess.
Inspired and Based on real Addison Bell life events, lol.
This is something that I wanted to share with you today because in the last 24hrs it has come in as a message to me (directly and indirectly) several times.
And so whenever I am continually getting the same message over and over I know I must listen for myself.
However, I have had many people expressing to me recently places where they are feeling “stuck” and like they are constricted.
So if I’m getting my butt kicked then I’m going to grab some friends to drag along with me. Hence why I am sharing this message with you because for people who work to keep high vibes and positive focus…
It is important to not gloss over the “trash” of negative and unhelpful belief systems, emotional blocks, and situations that we are carrying along. It is important to release these to start afresh!
Enjoy your clean and fresh new foundation.
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings