Because I can’t NOT…
Why do you do what you do in your life?
Why do you choose to wake up the way you are waking up?
Why are you choosing to be in the relationships you are currently in?
Why are you going/doing that job you do every single day?

Today I was challenged to look at this…
And my answer was, “Because I can’t NOT!”
It’s that simple.
When I share my heart in an article…
When I connect with followers on an issue in a video.
And more than that…
When I am in deep intimate sharing and honored with one of my soulmate clients stories…
I know that I am right on track
I feel like my life is making a difference and I am right where I belong.
So many people walk through their lives and never think to ask why and then tune deeper into their hearts and souls. They stop at egoic answers around money, responsibility, and years of “shoulds” that they have built up.
Eventually, when they look at their lives they realize they are doing everything for others. They are living their entire lives in order to stay average and ordinary.
And NOT because their soul is leading them day in and day out to that very thing.
Sure even the people living to their soul goals have moments of ego.
Moments of I “should/n’t”
Moments out of alignment
Moments that feel draining
But there is a constant checking in with self about WHY…
And if you think a little misalignment in one area doesn’t impact other areas….
Often it can be the seemingly smallest areas that can hold us continually out of alignment. Usually it only takes a few shifts to shift our life back into focus.
And if we are honest…
We already KNOW what isn’t working.
We KNOW!!!!
Look at your life today and where you can’t answer…
Because soul is certain about it.
Because it calls to you
Because it expands you.
Because it is you at the deepest level!!
Step Into Todays EXPANSION!!
Love ya’ll
There are CHANGES happening at AB Coaching!!!
Well really just realigning my programs and site to what is already happening!
Expansion is what my work is all about. No matter what is going on in our lives… we are always expanding our selves body, mind, and soul.
Expansion Coaching Programs are all about expanding at a new level with a focused intent. Tuning into our lessons and stepping into the exciting and sometimes scary places of growth.
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