?Begin Anywhere! ?
Have you ever had those moments when there seems so very much to do and you don’t even know where to begin?
Where it all seems too much?

Those moments in our lives when we look at the mountain before us and we wonder if it would be easier to just give up and throw in the towel! ?

I’m there! Feeling internally overwhelmed.
My ‘to do’ list gets longer and my reasons for procrastinating get more ingrained. I’m sure from the outside it could look like laziness but in truth it’s a hold back.

What is the hold back?

On the things that truly matter to us, most of the time procrastination comes from…

?Fear of not being able to get it all done
?Fear of the feelings it will unearth
?Fear of it all being a waste of time
?And fear of simply not being good enough
Fear, fear, and more fear…

My Ego screams lies, lies, and more lies. I want to continue to ignore my list of things that I need to start on. I want to convince myself that I don’t want this goal or that but I know in my heart that it isn’t true. My spirit knows I stand here with analysis paralysis.

Though in times like these I think back many years ago when I was in a much worse place but would go and see a trusted confidant. This person had this very small unobtrusive sign that hung on the wall that said, “BEGIN ANYWHERE”.

I often think back to this sign. It was a lighthouse in past times of struggle.

?In truth we don’t need to know the “perfect place” to start. We just need to start. We need to pick a small rock of the imagined mountain and begin. It might seem ever so small and that it won’t make the difference but it gets us on our path. And sometimes that most important part is simply getting on the path.

Taking that step away from the procrastination, into the fear, and most of all in the face of our Ego’s.

It’s imperative that we simply to begin.

To commit to yourself, to your spirit, and to your Blissful life!
You just have to begin. ?

Not sitting and pondering where or how. Just begin…
?Begin Anywhere!!?

Sending you love and light as we begin together!
Build together. And change together.

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To Work With Addison and Begin TODAY!???