Sometimes being a B*tch is the most loving thing you can do!

I’ve heard and read so many comments recently about people telling others that they aren’t being “loving” when standing up for their truth.

The most loving thing we can do as individuals is to own our truth and honor ourselves and thus others we are in communication with.

Love doesn’t always come in the form of…
?Pounding heart emojis
?Hugs and Kisses!

Sometimes love is telling someone when they have stepped out of line

Sometimes love is allowing someone to see the hurt they have triggered by their actions

Sometimes love is leaving someone in a whole heap of pain and watching someone suffer

Love isn’t always whispered in soft words!

That isn’t love!

Love is an energy and respect you hold within from a soul level. Love is doing what you know is soul aligned.

Love is holding that other person up against who you know their soul is meant to be.

Jesus was loving but Jesus didn’t have a second thought about flipping over some tables and screaming at some people!

Screaming about their lack of love for themselves and how out of alignment they were with their purpose.

I’m sorry but I’m not going to put on a happy face and blow sunshine up your butt, disrespect myself, and disrespect you just so I can be perceived as loving.

I would rather ACTUALLY be loving.

I can love you as a person, another human, brother/sister and still call you out!

Just like a child that scribbles on the walls…
I do NOT love the behavior but I can still love the soul

I don’t have to pussyfoot around in order to have great love for my fellow human or to be a spiritual healer.

By being real
By being authentic
By being sometimes harsh and firm
By being perceived as a B*tch

I am sometimes doing the most loving things.

True love is not weak
True love is a mother-flipping WAR!

If we are always just sending loving energy to others then we are missing out on the true nature of love.
Love is fierce
Love is aligned
Love is soft
Love is hard

When we simmer it down to hugs, kisses, and only saying sweet things to others we are being inauthentic spiritual charlatans. Not loving!

Yes, in a world where none of us get held enough
Where we are all starving for real love and connection
Where we are all could use to hear more positive things about ourselves and that we matter…

Yes, the gentle words, warm hugs, and beautiful energy is so badly needed! I do not disagree with this.

And if you talk to someone close to me…

I hold some fierce and loving space when needed!

But sometimes hard love is what is required.

And that doesn’t make it any less LOVE!

It would be unloving for me to allow you to continue to…

Disrespect me
Disrespect those I love
Disrespect yourself

Or to be inauthentic and out of alignment with self.

That is what is unloving.

When I pull out my perceived “B*tch” energy
That doesn’t say anything about my love

All that says is that I am a powerful woman that recognizes that a true feminine is fierce and flowy!

I can love you and still call your a** out!

Truly loving you all!


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